Little Miss T – 9 days old – Newborn session – MPH Photography – Toronto

I always find it such an honour when I’m hired to photograph a newborn. I am overcome with joy that the parents want me to photograph their most precious thing in the world and this means so much to me.

Stefania and Nick welcomed me into their home and introduced me to their 9 day old little girl and immediately I fell in love. Babies are such miracles, tiny little people, she was perfect in every way and she was just such a joy to work with. She slept for pretty much the whole session and she was a natural and I really think she enjoyed herself ,  we even got a few smiles from her.

Talia’s parents, Nick and Stefania were so sweet and so excited about their newest addition to their family, and I could tell they love their little girl with all their hearts. I think she will be one lucky little girl and will have a life full of love and I also think her daddy is going to protect her and keep her safe and not let any boys go near her,lol.

It was a beautiful warm day and the sun was shining and the house was filled with love and joy and its always a pleasure to work in such an environment. We really enjoyed our time with this lovely family.

Thanks again Stefania and Nick for inviting us into your home and into your lives and choosing us to capture this special time. We look forward to watching Talia grow up and we hope you will call on us again when you need us.

Enjoy your sneak peek.














34 Responses to “Little Miss T – 9 days old – Newborn session – MPH Photography – Toronto”

  1. Dante Says:

    great pics

  2. Tania Says:

    Beautiful pics!! She has the cutest booty!

  3. Daniela Bruno Iannarella Says:

    You captured the moment so perfectly. Talia is absolutely beautiful ….such a doll!

  4. Connie Agostino Says:

    Beautiful, beautiful pics!! She’s so precious! Love her!!

  5. Zia Fara Says:

    Talia is absolutely stunning & the pictures are amazing!!!

  6. Daniela Says:

    love all the pics……. especially the one with the shoe, and the one with with her butt up and with stef…… love them alllllllll

  7. sam Says:

    the shoe…. great pics…. where is the soccer ball and team ITALIA

  8. Geppes Says:

    Belle le foto….Talia e un’amore

  9. Alla Says:

    So precious!!!! I love it !!!

  10. Zia Frankie Says:

    Talia is beautiful & you can already tell from the beautiful pictures that she has personality! Stefania & Nick congratulations!!

  11. Davide De Donato Says:

    These are some of the best pics I’ve seen.
    Great job on picking the right photographer.
    What a cutie. So adorable. Wow

  12. Kristina Says:

    Absolutely beautiful pictures! Talia is indeed a lucky girl to be born to such great, loving parents! Xoxoxo

  13. Vladan Says:

    Soooo cute!!! Pictures are really beautiful!! Congratulation guys!!

  14. Alessandra Says:

    Adorable pictures! they turned out amazing

  15. Grandma Jenny Says:

    Your talent is delivered with so much care and perfection! Thank you!

  16. Maria Grazia Says:

    I absolutely love the pictures! They are the best pictures I have ever seen ! How precious Baby Talia is!!!!

  17. MaryGrace Di Iulio Says:

    How precious Talia is in the most fabulous pictures! She is so photogenic and so are her loving parents Nick and Stefania!

  18. MaryGrace Di Iulio Says:

    Talia is so precious and very photogenic!

    The love of her parents Stefania and Nick is so evident in the fabulous photos!

  19. Marcella Labricciosa Says:

    Come e’ preziosa la piccola Talia. She is already a movie star in the “favolose” pictures.

  20. Pal Di Iulio Says:

    The PHOTOGRAPHY is only surpassed by the beautiful human subject .

  21. Nadine Says:

    Love these pictures!! She’s beautiful!

  22. Nick Says:

    You were a pleasure working with. You took your time and cared about our little one.

  23. Marilyn Says:

    She’s such an angel! Can’t wait to meet her 🙂

  24. Lily Says:

    My brother, Chanhsing, and I want to wish you all the best with your sweet lil baby ! Xo

  25. Aaron Novielli Says:

    beautiful !!!!

  26. iLillerz Says:

    she’s perfect xo

  27. Amanda c Says:

    These photos are so lovely!! I love how teeny tiny she looks in the shoe and on Nick’s arm!

  28. Candace Says:

    What an amazing shoot. Every photo was perfect!

  29. Mara Says:

    Beautiful pictures!!

  30. Immacolata Says:

    Quand e bella sta bambina!!!! Che fotografie meravigliosi!!!

  31. Giuseppe Labricciosa Says:

    E’ una bambina meravigliosa! I cannot believe how she is smiling in the pictures!

    The photos are very professional!

  32. Joe Says:

    What a beautiful baby girl…Talia is lucky to be surrounded by such loving parents, family and friends…the pictures are gorgeous but I’m sure shes more beautiful in real life….cant wait to meet her!!

  33. Angelina Says:

    She is so cute. Love the pictures. Almost makes me want to have another little one of my own.

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