Mary and Rob’s family

I know Mary through my good friend Mona, I photographed the baptism of her cousin and Mona’s brother’s little boy about 6 years ago (here is the link to the baptism So I was really excited when she contacted me and asked to set up a session for her and her beautiful family. The kids were little when I photographed them at the baptism, they were the Godparents and they were so cute and I always told her that I would love to photograph them as a family and I’m so glad she came to me as I knew we were going to have a wonderful time at our session.

This year’s weather hasn’t been so great, but we managed to pick a good day except that they were renovating the parking at the beach that we had intended to go too, it didn’t matter though, we parked farther and all walked and had a nice time chit chatting and catching up since we last saw them a few years back.

The beach was pretty empty too which doesn’t usually happen but because of the renovation, not many were there, so we had the place to ourselves basically.

If the water wasn’t so cold, I would have made them all go into the water for some fun shots, but of course it was freezing and the kids couldn’t take it, they went in for about five mins but that was it, they kicked some water at each other and quickly got out of there as fast as they could,lol,  maybe next year we’ll do a session and finish off with them jumping into their pool.

We had such a great time with this family, it was like hanging out with old friends, and they feel like they are part of our family, not only because Mary is greek but because we got along so well and her kids are so sweet and nice and I want my kids to meet them as I think they would all become friends. Hopefully in the near future we can set up something for all of us to get together and hang out.

Thanks so much Mary and Rob for being super fun and super awesome. We really enjoyed our time with you and we look forward to doing it again one day. Enjoy your sneak peek.



















30 Responses to “Mary and Rob’s family”

  1. Mona Says:

    I LOVE THEM! I’m so glad you got your photos done with Manuella. It’s so important to capture the kids before they get too old! Brett was commenting how mature Nicole looks – they’re growing so fast!

  2. Mary Says:

    Manuela you did an amazing job. Thank you so much for capturing the kids and giving me priceless memories with them…… Xoxox

  3. Rob Says:

    Great pictures ……. Natural moments and smiles of my kids….. Thank you!!

  4. Gina Says:

    Hey Mary, I love the pictures, you guys look beautiful and love the background!!! Great job!!

  5. Brett Says:

    AWESOME pics. Good job Manuella.

  6. Geoffroy Says:

    Nice pics! What a wonderful family. You must be so proud 🙂

  7. Caden Says:

    You look amazing! I can tell it’s the scarborough bluffs. We were just there this weekend!

  8. Helen Liabotis Says:

    Amazing. You all look beautiful.

  9. Regina Says:

    Love these pics! It helps when the family is beautiful to begin with! 🙂

  10. Bizi Says:

    Love your pics Mary! Wow! Well done..going to be hard to pic the ones you want!

  11. Chase P Says:


  12. Valerie Says:

    Great family pics Mary! Love the pic of you and your daughter!

  13. Devon Says:

    Great pics! What a beautiful family.

  14. Tom Says:

    The kids look amazing. Can’t wait for my pictures

  15. For Says:

    Looks like it was a fun day for you guys…. We will want pictures for us

  16. Demetra Says:

    Great pictures of all of you. The kids look so grown up 🙂

  17. Sam Says:

    OMG Mary, WOW amazing memories you guys have captured…

  18. Tania Says:

    Mary, Great pictures of your family. Hard to pick a few out of all the one’s posted.

  19. Samantha Says:

    Incredible pics! The kids look so happy

  20. Gail Foster Says:

    Great pictures!

  21. Jo lelasseux Says:

    Great pictures. What a beautiful setting!!!

  22. Patricia Says:

    LOVE the pictures. You look like you had a lot of fun!

  23. Cliff Says:

    Just love the pictures! She did a great job capturing all of you and Nicole and Cameron look amazing

  24. Jr Says:

    They are such great pictures. I can’t believe these are the small kids I would babysit Hahahahaha

  25. Jessica Says:

    Cool pictures Mary. Looks like such a great place to take pictures 🙂

  26. Mario Says:

    You guys all look good. Gotta love the picture of you guys running on the beach hahaha The kids look beautiful She did a great job taking pictures of all of you

  27. Aneta Says:

    I just love the pictures she took of the family. There are so many nice one’s to pick from. She did a great job and you all look so good.

  28. Anita Says:

    My godson looks so cute 🙂 Such amazing pictures of the kids and you guys. Amazing pictures taken

  29. Barbara Says:

    Great pictures. Everyone looks amazing your kids are just beautiful

  30. Jenny Says:

    I can’t believe how beautiful these pics are of all of you. Such a great way to capture memories. Luv it

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