Danielle’s sunrise beach maternity session

I have photographed Danielle several times, with her niece and then her wedding and now her pregnancy, and I couldn’t be happier for this couple. They opted not to find out what they are having, and I am in awe of that, to wait 9 months to find out is just amazing, I know I couldn’t do it, and didn’t 3 times,lol. I needed to know as soon as I could and for my 2nd I even went as far as to send in my blood to a lab to find out what I was having before my 18 week ultrasound, can you tell I’m not a very patient person,lol. Only a couple more weeks til Danielle and Dave’s baby lets us know what they are, and I can’t wait. I get to photograph this precious little soul and I’m  bursting with anticipation just waiting for this little one to arrive.

While we wait for this baby to be born, Danielle asked me to do a maternity session with her, and I couldn’t help but be thrilled. I knew she was up for anything, so of course I suggested a sunrise session, and she was up for it from the beginning.

Unfortunately when the day came, it was not only cold but the sun did’t really show up for us like it was suppose too,lol. We got a few shots with the sun but it was mostly a very cloudy day. Despite that, I think we got some gorgeous shots and I am so excited to post her sneak peek. Danielle is radiant and she is one of those woman that were made to be a mommy, she is such an amazing aunt and I know this child will be so blessed to have her and Dave as their parents. The love that these two share is so sweet, Dave even came with Danielle to the session that started at 5:30am, now that’s love. This baby is going to love their parents, and vice versa.

I have so many faves from this session and it was so hard to choose which to edit, but I finally decided on these, and just know there were so many more.

Thanks guys, it was such a pleasure photographing you both during this special time. I can’t wait to meet your little one Danielle, I will try my hardest not to cry from my joy when I come to do the newborn session with you and Dave and your new baby. I hope you enjoy your sneak peek and we wish you guys all the happiness and joy in the world as you welcome this little one into your lives.  We love you guys.

BTW, my guess is that they are having a boy, what do you think?





























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23 Responses to “Danielle’s sunrise beach maternity session”

  1. Meredith Rowlen Says:

    LOVE these!! One of my biggest photo regrets is not having maternity images done.. these are stunning!!

  2. Krista Says:

    Beautiful images!!!

  3. Robyn Willis Says:

    These pictures are amazing! They look like they should be in a magazine.

  4. Stefania Says:

    Amazing pics!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Megan Buchholz Says:

    Beautiful Mama to be!

  6. Renee W Says:

    These are amazing! This Mama to be is gorgeous! I tried to pick a favorite, but really, they’re all my favs!

  7. Sherry Mackay Says:

    Absolutely stunning photos!

  8. Jess Says:

    Oh Manuella, these are STUNNING!

  9. Natalie Legrow Says:

    Beautiful pictures! I luv the ones with the long train floating in the air Danielle looks like a Greek goddess:)

  10. evie Says:

    Wow. WOW!!!! These pictures are beyond beautiful!!! How I wish I had something like this done when I was pregnant!!! What a stunning mama to be!! You have really outdone yourself with these, Manuella.

  11. Patricia Says:

    SO beautiful! I love the one with the red flowing material!

  12. Elise Says:

    Danielle looks so beautiful! What a wonderful job, Manuella!!

  13. Michelle Crogie Says:

    So beautiful!!!

  14. Kristel Says:

    These are all so amazing! Wish I had these when I was pregnant!

  15. Naya Says:

    you look gorgeous, Danielle!!!I love them all but the first one is my favourite!

  16. Lucy Gomes Says:

    Simply perfect! Beautiful pictures!
    Great job Manuella!

  17. Sue Says:

    Beautiful – love the silhouettes and a couple of the ones in the t shirt. Really like the one of you looking at Dave.

  18. Emilia Amm Says:

    Danielle you look beautiful in all of the pictures. I liked them all

  19. Cara Says:

    Hi my Friend,

    I am so excited for you, you really look very beautiful and very happy. Enjoy, it truly is a beautiful time.

    Miss you

  20. Nicole LeGrow Says:

    hey sis,

    You’re one lucky woman to have these shot’s of your self like this, i never looked like that!!!! You look amazing, love the Photo’s , i especially like the one where you’re laying down on the sand, you have two little shoes on your belly very cute!!!

    ill keep this in mind for my next child!!! When ever that happens 😉

  21. Azura Bates Says:

    These are amazing pics! So pretty, love the ones of the two of you! So Special to have these 🙂

  22. Gina Says:

    Wow! These are beautiful photos of a beautiful friend! Great job as always Manuella!

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