Serena & Rob – Maternity – MPH Photography – Toronto

I had two sessions scheduled this past Saturday and my clients are sister in laws and one was for a maternity and one was for an engagement shoot, the weather was suppose to be good but it didn`t quite work out that way.

On the way up to Brampton, the clouds started to gather and although the weather called for perhaps some rain later on that evening it was suppose to be nice and partly cloudy up until then. That wasn`t the case unfortunately and we spent most of the session praying for the rain to stop and not begin again,lol.

It didn`t rain too much thankfully and in between we got some wonderful shots. Serena is so beautiful and her little belly is so cute, I could barely see it in some shots, and her hubby Rob just kept making her laugh, as he effortlessly carried the basket full of clothing that they brought to change in. Both were up for anything and Serena walked in her heels up and down rough terrain with no problems, I was totally impressed. They told us that they walk their dogs in this park and can walk from home which can take 3 hrs, I don`t think I`ve ever walked for 3 hours anywhere,lol.

Despite the rain we had a fun session and it was a lovely location, fall is a great time of year to do a shoot and I could have stayed there all day if the weather was a bit better. Meaghan`s session was postponed and I`m glad we didn`t even try because it started to pour right after our session was over with Serena and Rob.

Can`t thank you guys enough, it was wonderful meeting you and I know that little guy is going to be one blessed little boy with parents like you, bet he`ll be a cutie too.

Enjoy your sneak peek Serena, and looking forward to our session soon Meaghan.

33 Responses to “Serena & Rob – Maternity – MPH Photography – Toronto”

  1. Brenda Robinsonn (MAAA) Says:

    Wonderful pictures Rob and Serena, I can hardly wait to meet my first grandson!

  2. Rhonda Says:

    These are totally amazing! I am so envious of your settings but it’s your skill Manuella (and beautiful clients) that is stunning!!

  3. Jennifer Morse Photography Says:

    You’d never know the weather wasn’t perfect. Great images!!

  4. Jaime Kroez Says:

    Wow! Gorgeous photos. I’m definitely getting some done when I have a baby!

  5. Carla McTaggart Says:

    Great photos! Serena, you are a beautiful soon-to-be Mom!

  6. Sarah McAloney Says:

    Serena you are glowing! The black and white photo is amazing! Auntie Sarah can’t wait to meet my nephew. Love you both.

  7. Meaghan Malone Says:

    Love love these! So beautiful!
    Can’t wait to work with you Manuella!

  8. Sharon Fox Says:

    Those are really beautiful pictures, Serena! We’re so happy for you guys and looking forward to meeting the little guy.

  9. Bridgette Bateman Says:

    Serena you look AMAZING!!! You’re one hot mama!! The pictures are stunning.

  10. Amanda Murray Says:

    WOW – these are amazing. You look wonderful Sarena and truely happy. Enjoy motherhood.

  11. Amy Donnelly Says:

    Your pictures are stunning and you look Fabulous Serena!! Congratulations again!!

  12. Bob Says:

    Looks Good!

  13. Lori Flynn Says:

    Serena, these pics are fantastic!!!! Love them all!

  14. Kimberly Stephenson Says:

    Serena… look so beautiful!!! hope you are enjoying every minute…You and Rob take great pictures!

  15. melanie Says:

    serena love the pics they are beautiful .. the black and white ones were awsome and i love you in the colour purple. so excited for you both !

  16. Chantel Burt Says:

    Just beautiful. Awesome fall day with a great reason to be enjoying such beauty. This truely comes out in your pictures Serena and Rob. Good luck to you both. Parenthood is truely a blessing, enjoy every moment.

  17. Liz L Says:

    Your pictures are amazing! I can’t decied which one I like the best! absollutley beautiful!!

  18. Amy Halliday Says:

    Absolutely beautiful memories guys! A picture really is worth a thousand words…
    Cheers to the next leg of your journey together!

  19. Marianne Chaisson Says:

    Serena, the pics are FANTASTIC! I wish I had pictures like this from when I was expecting. What a beautiful way to capture the memories of such an exciting time in your life.

  20. Stephanie Chatelain Says:

    Beautiful pics Serena!

  21. Andrea Malone Says:

    Love it! Can’t wait to meet my nephew!

  22. Morgan Potruff Says:

    Looks Great!

  23. Poppa Says:

    Very nice…he’s going to be a big boy.

  24. Twila (grandma) Says:

    Very classy and timeless.

  25. Heather Says:

    These pictures are beautiful, congrats again to you both 🙂

  26. Morgan Watkins-Cumbo Says:

    Such amazing pics! Can’t wait to see what baby looks like! Serena…I love the wardrobe changes…classic diva! xo

  27. Ericka Says:

    Happy Birthday!

  28. Eryn Says:

    Happy Happy Birthday! Love the photos!

  29. Emma Says:

    Too cute!

  30. Chris Says:

    Can’t wait for my nephew and her cousin to meet!

  31. Kirstin Luther Says:

    Almost there!

  32. Shawn Says:

    Rob you have gained a alot of baby weight. lol!

  33. Stacey Lund Says:

    Wonderful images! Congratulations to the mother to be!

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