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Word of mouth is the back bone to my business. I photograph someone and they tell a friend and then that friend tells a friend and so on and so on. So when Mireille contacted me to do a photoshoot for her and her daughter because her daughter had seen her friends pics that I shot, I was thrilled.

We met up on a beautiful day and had a very nice session at the guild and since it was their first time there, there was much to see. It’s a great place just to go and take walks, and my family and I does that every so often and I feel at home when I do a session there as I know it so well. I try to shoot in different locations as much as possible but sometimes its nice to go somewhere that you are very familiar with. I could do tons of sessions there and get different shots each time, its great.

Mireille and Keisha were so adorable, loving mother and her little girl (ok, not so little), it was so sweet to capture them together. I know as a mom I’m usually behind the camera taking the pics and not often in front, but its so important to get in front of the camera, wether you are shy or for whatever reason, its important that our kids look back and see us in pics too. Yet another reason to do a session like this.

During our session I learned that Mireille is a french teacher and not only that she teaches at my son’s school, she teaches the older grades so they haven’t had the pleasure of having her teach them but my oldest got so excited to see that I had photographed a teacher from his school. I can tell that Mireille loves to teach and I’m looking forward to having her teach my boys french.

Merci beaucoup Mireille, it was a joy to photograph you and your daughter and I hope you enjoy your sneak peek.

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  1. Stacey Lund Says:

    Nicely done!

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