Amazing Grace – MPH Photography – Toronto

I just love sessions like these, old friends and returning clients, add beautiful weather and beautiful location and not to mention a beautiful model too, what more could a photographer ask for?

I’ve known Grace for a few years now and have watched her grow into a beautiful young lady. She even attends my old high school St. Joseph’s College and lives just a block or so away from me.

We always have fun with Grace and her mom, you will usually find us laughing during our sessions and then you’ll find us crying too as once I see her mom Bonnie start then I start as well, it makes me so happy and I feel so blessed when a mom cries at a session cuz I know I’m capturing her little girl (or not so little girl) and freezing this moment for her forever. It’s a joy and an honour to do that for someone.

Grace brought along her converse shoes again(or rather new ones) and we had fun using them in a few shots. I always encourage clients to bring something that is personal as to reflect their personality in the images I take, it can be ballet shoes, an instrument, a football or a leather jacket or a book, it can be just about anything you want that will personalize your session.

What can I say about Grace, other than I know she’s a wonderful girl, and such a pretty girl who is so sweet, inside and out. I know she’s loved by many and as we watch her grow up our hearts fill with pride as she has touched so many lives and I doubt she even knows it.

You are amazing Grace, and I’m honoured that you came to me again to photograph you, I love watching you grow through my lens and I look forward to one day dancing at your wedding and then I’ll be bawling with your mom on the sidelines,lol. Thank you Bonnie for raising such a precious and wonderful girl, I know how proud you are of her and it was definitely a joy hanging out with you two and capturing your not so little girl on film again.

Enjoy your sneak peek! 🙂

Hubby’s shot, and let me just say that my man is not only the best daddy and husband, he also ROCKS as an assistant and I don’t know how I went and shot sessions without him for so long, but I’m happy to have him as my wing man now,lol. Love ya honey!

Grace has offered to babysit for our kids many times, and fortunately for us I have my mom who always watches the kids for us during our shoots but one of these days hubby and I got to have a date night and I think we’ll be calling Ms. Grace to come and watch them for us then.

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  1. Gina Says:

    OK, now I am balling because what you wrote about Grace is so true. I’ve known Grace now for almost 5 years and her and her mom are like family. I always tell my daughter that I want her to grow up to be just like Grace. What beautiful pics Manuella of such a beautiful young lady. I have to go find some tissues now!

  2. EmilyKrbec Says:

    Gorgeous shots and an even more gorgeous girl!

  3. Darlene Cates - Friendswood Texas Photographer Says:

    Gorgeous! These are all beautiful – again the color is amazing!

  4. Krista Says:

    She’s stunning and I love these shots! And I want her shoes!!

  5. Ruth Says:

    You captured Grace so welll…love the playfulness of the shoes and just seeing what a beautiful young woman Grace has become…inside and out. Am all choked up as I type this…so thankful that Bonnie and Grace are part of my life!!!! (so when do we do another puzzle, you two???) Stunning photography job.

  6. Tyjuana Hill-Smith Says:

    She’s beautiful! It’s hard to pick a favorite when they all are great!

  7. Amy Dungan Says:

    Beautiful shots! I love the colorful Converse shoes! 🙂

  8. Stacey Lund Says:

    Awesome job! Beautiful!!!

  9. Dan Verlinden Says:

    WOW!! amazing pics of Grace… but then again – Grace is totally beautiful and amazing so much so that taking awesome pics of he should be a snap anytime… Grace all the love you are a beautiful and fabulous woman.. xoxoxo Danny V

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