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Sally’s Family

Saturday, November 17th, 2012

It seemed like this session wasn’t going to happen as the weather was not cooperating and we couldn’t find a location but then in the end it all worked out and it turned out to be a perfect day for the session and a perfect place.

I have photographed Sally’s family before and this time its grown by one with their newest addition, little Jacob, who they adopted and now this is a family of 5 or rather 9 if you include the grandparents,lol.

We had so much fun watching the kids run around and playing together and Jacob is the cutest little thing and fits in so well with this family. He seemed to love Chris who was assisting me and Jacob would always go and hug him for some reason, and he was such a busy little guy, exploring and laughing and even dancing to gangnam style.

Jacob’s brother and sister are so in love with their little brother and it was so sweet watching them being sweet and gentle with him, and they tried so hard to pose for pictures behind or beside him while all Jacob wanted to do was run around. These 3 are so adorable and such well behaved kiddos and I can see where they get it from, the whole family is so sweet and patient and kind, it was wonderful seeing them all again.

We could have stayed with them all day and can’t thank them enough for coming back to us again and we wish them all the best and look forward to seeing them again soon.

Thanks Sally, it was great seeing you all again, it was a lovely session and we hope you enjoyed your time with us. Enjoy your sneak peek.





















Myrtle and her 4 cute and adorable kiddos – MPH Photography – Toronto

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

I met Myrtle when I was just a teen at the church we were attending back in the day and back then she was the cutest and nicest and sweetest little girl and now she’s still cute and still so nice and sweet and  she has 4 of the cutest and best behaved kids we’ve ever met. I was so excited when she emailed me that she wanted to book a session and I couldn’t say yes quick enough.

We set it up and the only thing that could have been better was the weather, as it was a bit cold and foggy and windy and grey out. Despite the weather, we went ahead and met at a favourite spot of theirs in Pickering and the kids didn’t let the weather faze them at all. They just cared about having fun and going to the beach and checking out the ducks and hopefully getting to ride on the swings for a bit. We did all that and then some and they continued to smile and have a great time during the whole session, even with their little red noses and teary eyes near the end, they still wanted to play some more. I could have taken them all home with me.

You can definitely tell that her kids love her and the bond that they have is strong and so endearing and it was just so much fun to capture them spending time together. I love capturing cherished moments and spontaneous smiles and loving affection between families and I love thinking that these images will be hanging on their walls for years to come, pieces of art that they can enjoy for a lifetime. To think that when they look at these precious images over the years, they will not only smile but remember that day as being special and remembering the feelings they shared and the memories they created as well. To give that to a family is a wonderful feeling and makes me love my job even more.

It was an honour and a pleasure seeing Myrtle again after so many years and photographing her and her kids and I would like to thank them for being so wonderful and cute and sweet and I really hope they all love the sneak peek below.

God bless you and your family Myrtle!!

















Danielle & David’s engagement session – MPH Photography – Toronto

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

I have known Danielle for years, and had the pleasure of photographing her with her niece years ago and then I also photographed her sister as well, so I was more than thrilled when she contacted me and asked me to photograph her wedding in June.

Besides being beautiful inside and out, Danielle is a cute and sweet and funny girl and her and David are so adorable together and we had so much fun during their e-session. We had to postpone it a couple of times due to wether and then when we finally met, it wasn’t the best weather as it was wet snow that kept falling, but eventually it stopped and the sun even came out at the end.

We drove around downtown Toronto and stopped at a few spots and we had so much fun. At the end we went to a new skating rink with the skyline as the background and it was beautiful, even though the ice rink wasn’t skatable it was still pretty and we made the best of it and Danielle even wore heels on the ice.

These two are so wonderful and I can’t wait for their big day in June, I know it will be an amazing wedding.

Thanks again Danielle and David, we had such a wonderful time with you and are so looking forward to your wedding day, but for now we hope you enjoy the sneak peek from your e-session.

p.s.  I may have to add some more images soon as there were just so many that I loved… 🙂























Headshot session – MPH Photography – Toronto

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

We met the most loveliest woman the other day and she is so full of life and happiness and such a joy to work with. Nancy wanted some new headshots of herself and we set up a session and had a wonderful time.

It was a pretty warm day out and we could have almost done this session outdoors, this year we’ve had a mild winter, and its been so nice. We talked about going outdoors and decided that when Nancy comes back with her daughters to do another session then we’ll plan it for outdoors, as nothing compares to doing a session outdoors with nature as your backdrop.

Indoors or out, she rocked the session and came ready and was a wonderful model for us. We laughed most of the time and before we knew the session was over, time flies when you are having fun.

Thanks for coming by Nancy, hope you had as much fun as we did, you are a sweetheart and it was a pleasure meeting you. Looking forward to doing another session with you and your daughters.

Enjoy the sneak peek.









Inspire me baby

Monday, January 16th, 2012

Here is another wonderful site dedicated to inspiring photographers and is really such a helpful resource and I’m thrilled to have been featured on it twice. It’s called Inspire me baby!

One of my sunrise maternity images was used for inspirational post about silhouettes, here is that shot…

and here is the link to check out the post

Here is the original post of this sunrise maternity session.

They also featured another session of mine done last winter, as usually families don’t do sessions outdoors in the winter when they have young children, but it can be done and it can have great results, and I highly recommend doing an outdoor winter session if you love winter and the snow.

Here are a couple of images from that session…



and here is the link to the post on their site:

Here is the link to the original post I made on my blog about this winter family session.