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Veronica and Raf’s Wedding – MPH Photography – Toronto

Friday, September 6th, 2013

This couple oozes love, they are so meant for each other, and just so right for each other and I was excited to photograph their wedding and their engagement sessions, as I knew we were going to have a blast. I was right!!!

The engagement session was awesome, that night was just perfect as we hiked to a private waterfall in their backyard, their sneak peek from there session is here then came the wedding and that was just about the most fun I’ve had at a wedding in my life. From the moment we got to their house, to the first look (which I love to photograph when couples opt to do this) to St. Andrew’s church and the Crepe Kitchen and then the reception which was held at the beautiful Harbour Banquet and Conference Centre  in Oakville, the fun never stopped. We laughed and really celebrated that love that these two share.

I kept hearing from everyone during the reception how much these two are so perfect for each other and how they are so nice and kind and loving to others, and I’ve experienced that myself with them, but to hear it from their family and friends was a true testament to their love and what a wonderful couple they are.

Veronica looked stunning and Raf took such loving care of Vee all night as they began their life as husband and wife and it was so sweet to watch them nuzzle and be all romantic and just enjoying their special day.

We had a blast with the wedding party and fell in love with each and everyone of them, and want to thank all of them for being so awesome to work with.

Vee and Raf, we were honoured to be a part of your wedding day and we loved capturing all the moments of the day for you, we love you guys. Without further adieu here is your much awaited sneak peek.















































































Church: St. Andrew’s Church

Venue: Location: Harbour Banquet Centre

Florist: la Pegas

Iris Cakes

DJ: DJ Marco

Band: Mr. System

Hair Salon: Sabatino Hair Design

Make Up Artist: Sarah Nicole Sabatino

mens barber shop: Barber Bro’s

Wedding Dress: Maggie Sottero

Tuxedo Rental: Freeman Formal

Transportation: Mermaid Limo

Rings: Spence Diamonds

Vee and Raf engagement session – MPH Photography – Toronto

Sunday, June 2nd, 2013

Did you ever meet a couple that when you first saw them, you knew they were meant to be together, like they were made for each other. Well, besides hubby and I,lol, this is what I thought when I first met Vee and Raf. It’s almost as if they were the same person, with 2 distinct personalities,lol. The way they talk, and look at each other and even when they argue, you can see the love that they have for each other.

I was so excited to meet this couple on a cold day in November, as Vee  is my kind of girl,lol. She’s cute and funny and sweet and kind and a fashionista and beautiful inside and out and she loves feathers, I absolutely adore feathers,lol. We met at Cafe Frappe on the Danforth, and right away I knew they were a perfect fit and was excited at the prospect of photographing their wedding. We talked and laughed and connected and formed a bond that very first meeting.  As we planned their engagement session, I knew it was going to be hard waiting for months to photograph these two.

The day finally came though and we were off to photograph Vee and Raf in their beautiful home. Not only is their home beautiful, but they have a forest for a backyard that includes a beautiful private waterfall. It was so beautiful and although it took a bit of a trek to get there, it was well worth it, even with Chris falling 2-3 times, fortunately neither Chris nor his camera were hurt,lol. I wanted to stay there for the rest of the evening and even though we had planned on changing outfits a few times, it just seemed to fit that both of them were in white and surrounded by greenery and water falls and just beautiful landscape. It was the perfect place for an engagement session, and it was even more meaningful as this is the spot that they both love and go to all the time. They knew these woods and did daring things that I never expected them to do. They got behind the falls, and climbed big logs that were suspended off the ground, and sat close to edges of little cliffs, and Vee did it all in style while wearing a pair of gorgeous heels! I loved it!

Our bride to be also happened to appear on one of my fave shows, Keasha’s perfect dress on the slice channel, and of course that’s where Vee found her perfect dress. I loved watching this episode of Vee and I totally agree with the groom’s sister Joanna when she said Vee is a classy and sophisticated and sexy, that pretty much sums it up. Here is the link to that episode, but don’t send the link to her fiance Raf,lol. Actually Keasha and I have become friends thanks to Vee, but that’s another story and I hope to be posting images on my blog from my session with her and her family soon.

This is one wedding we are definitely looking forward to photographing, and we know its going to be a very special day filled with lots of joy and laughter and good times.

Thanks again Vee and Raf, it was so much fun hanging out with you and photographing you both in your own special secret escape, and next time, we’ll definitely come for a swim when the pool is ready.

Can’t wait for your wedding day!!!!



















































Dave & Danielle’s Wedding

Friday, August 24th, 2012

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing Danielle with her niece years ago and even back then I told Danielle that I couldn’ t wait to photograph her again and perhaps the next time we could do a session with her boyfriend. Well I was so thrilled when she emailed me to ask me to be her photographer for their wedding this past June and I was so excited and just knew she was going to be a beautiful bride and I wasn’t wrong.

I was even more thrilled when they liked the idea of the “first look” where a bride and groom see each other before the ceremony and I found the perfect spot for them on top of the  Hyatt Park hotel. As I searched for a good location I asked if there was a rooftop terrace of sorts and was giddy with excitement when they said yes. I quickly went to check it out and it was so pretty with a great view of the city and even with their engagement session we tried to get the CN tower in a few shots and from the roof of the Hilton you could see it perfectly. It was so sweet watching and photographing these two seeing each other for the first time on their wedding day and I highly recommend the “first look” to all couples getting married.

We then went to the U of T campus for formal shots and again got a few shots with the CN tower as well, it seemed like it was following us everywhere,lol. Family and friends gathered together at the campus and everyone was so nice, as well as so happy for these two love birds. It was a beautiful day and you could feel the love in the air and we got some really beautiful shots of the bride and groom and their families and then it was off to the church to watch these two commit their lives to each other.

Our lady of Lourdes church was very pretty inside and the priest was so wonderful and accommodating and as he prayed for this couple he asked us to raise our hands and pray for them as well which was such a sweet sentiment. It was one of the loveliest wedding ceremonies I have ever photographed.

For the reception we went to Lollita’s lust on the Danforth and enjoyed some yummy food and wonderful ambience. Danielle’s sister Elise LeGrow, a fabulous prominent and up coming singer (whom I photographed before) sang while Danielle and Dave danced their first dance together as husband and wife, it was quite touching. There was lots of dancing and lots of smiles all day long and it was a perfect wedding day.

Dave and Danielle, we can’t thank you enough for choosing us as your photographers to capture your wedding and we are so utterly thrilled for you guys and wish you all the happiness in the world. We can’t wait til you have babies,lol.

bridal flowers


Wedding dress


Getting ready


The bride




The groom


First look



First look































Bridal with Marta – MPH Photography – Toronto

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

I met Marta at a fantastic workshop that I went too and we hit it off right away. She was the model at the time for this workshop, but little did I know that she has an interest in photography as well. We started chatting and she reminded me of me when I first started out in photography. Eager and excited and I saw she had a love for photography. Besides being beautiful, she’s a sweetheart and she asked me if we could get together sometime and chat about photography and I was definitely up for that. Then I thought of the phaunt convention, where a bunch of photographer friends of mine got together for a weekend in Toronto in May and I was looking for models for 4 shoots that I was trying to set up for the weekend. I thought Marta would probably like to come and watch us and perhaps model for us as well, and I asked her and she was totally interested and we were both excited.

She showed up bright and early and had hair and makeup done by Surekha artistry and she looked gorgeous, I couldn’t wait to start photographing her. Actually I didn’t wait, while the other models were getting their hair and makeup done, I decided to start photographing Marta since she was ready to go. It was a rainy day, so we didn’t get to go out much, but we found lots of great spots in and around the Delta Chelsea hotel – downtown Toronto and the lighting was awesome and loved all the locations at the hotel and it was just about a perfect day. We had so much fun, and I could have photographed Marta all day long. She wanted to learn a little as well, so after we were all done, she got changed and joined the rest of us with her camera and she fit right in.

We had a wonderful time and I think we became good friends as well, and I look forward to hanging out with Marta again, perhaps will do another session sometime.

For now, here are lots of images I took of Marta (this is why I need to create a post just for her images), and here is the link to the rest of the images I took that weekend

Thanks Marta for being so wonderful, love ya girl.









Indian Bridal – MPH Photography – Toronto

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

What do you get when you combine a beautiful model and a truly talented and amazing hair and makeup artist?? A perfect shoot! I was so happy to photograph Angeli  in a couple of Indian bridal outfits, I just love the colours and its like photographing jewels. Angeli wore two spectacular outfits and then Mrs. C, our hair and makeup artist from surekha artistry dressed up for the occasion and I took a few shots of her as well who is also beautiful as she is talented.

It’s so much fun working with other creative people and this was a wonderful session and I loved every minute of it.

I have so many favourites, so here’s tons of images from our fun day. Special thanks go out to Angeli and to Mrs. C.



Mrs. C