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Janet – Headshots

Friday, October 29th, 2021

Here is another lovely lady that is so much fun and has so much class and is fun and willing to try almost anything to get the shot. Love her energy and her positive outlook and we had a blast during our session. She is also a repeat client and often comes for updated headshots for her wellness business and I couldn’t be more thrilled that she continues to come to me for her photography needs.

Sally – Headshots

Friday, October 29th, 2021

Have photographed this lady several times and she is such a pleasure and I love her family. This time she came to me because she wrote her first book for children and wanted a few headshots for various media outlooks as her cover of her book, I was honoured. Here are just a few from our session together and I’m happy to be photographing her family again in the next few weeks.

Four Seasons Hotel Toronto – MPH Photography – Toronto

Monday, August 4th, 2014

We had the lovely opportunity to photograph the executives at the Four Seasons hotel in Toronto head office. and it didn’t hurt that their offices are located in such beautiful surroundings so we decided to use what was available as backdrops and as you will see from the images, they have so many beautiful spots to photograph everyone in front of which made it even easier to photograph these beautiful people.

It was a pleasure working with each person and they were all a delight and lovely people. We really enjoyed our time photographing everyone and not only were we well taken care of during our time there but they made it fun and definitely one of the best headshot sessions we have ever done. They definitely make me want to stay at a Four Seasons hotel next time I go away if the way they treated us was any indication of how everyone acts at the Four Seasons, its definitely a first class company.

We hope everyone at the Four Seasons enjoyed their time with us as well. We are truly honoured and humbled that they asked us to photograph them and want to thank all of them for being so wonderful and lovely to work with.















Here’s a few more shots from a session that we did afterwards, which was to be a bit more of a creative/artistic photo shoot.



K & L’s headshots – MPH Photography – Toronto

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

2 beautiful ladies, both wanting headshots and both willing to going outside in this the worse winter we’ve had in Toronto but in the end, we all had a blast and even though it was really really cold, we managed to find some warm spots and everyone agreed that it was the best idea to go outdoors for this session as nothing beats natural lighting and natural backgrounds.

I know both ladies were quite happy with the experience and the images and it made me happy that they were happy. It’s always a pleasure photographing clients who are excited and eager to do a session and who trust in your ideas and concepts and let you do what you think is best to get great shots.

It wasn’t hard photographing these two beauties and I love how the images turned out.

Thanks ladies, next time, hopefully it will be a little warmer outside,lol.






Georgina – Headshots – Lifestyle session – MPH Photography – Toronto

Sunday, December 1st, 2013

I wish all my clients could be like Georgina. What a woman!! She’s smart and confident and poised and classy. She knows what she wants and goes and gets it. She’s been all over the world and now spends her time helping and volunteering and just giving of herself.

She wanted some nice shots of herself and I’m just beyond thrilled with the images we captured. It was getting cold out and yet we found a day where the weather wasn’t too bad and we went to the beach and had one of the best sessions I’ve had this year.

She looked great in every shot, and with every outfit change, it just got better. Her confidence shows through the images and you can see that she’s beautiful inside and out as her spirit smiles through these images.

No matter what age you are, I think you should celebrate yourself, get your hair and makeup done and get a new outfit and do a photo shoot to commemorate this time in your life and the beauty that’s inside of you. Its great to have images like this not only for yourself but for your family so they can admire and sit and stare at them and enjoy them as well. Doesn’t every woman deserve this?

If looking at these images makes you want to do a photo shoot then definitely contact me and we’ll set up a session for you too and you too can show off the beautiful person that you are and celebrate yourself. Do it by yourself, or do it with friends, and that way you can all remember how much fun you had and at the end will have beautiful images to take home with you.

Georgina, thanks for being the beautiful person that you are and for being my beautiful subject for the day.