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Melia Jardines Del Rey Cayo Coco Cuba

Wednesday, August 17th, 2016

I have traveled around the world and if I could travel more often I would, but this trip that I took with my best friend (who is my daughter’s God mother as well) and my daughter joined us as well this time, and it will be a trip that we will cherish and always remember.

From the airlines, sunquest to the hotel, we couldn’t have been taken better care of. I wrote to sunquest and let them know that my daughter is autistic and only 3 and I was so nervous and anxious as this was her first trip  but with everyone’s help, it ended up being an amazing trip. Sunquest, was so kind and generous and put the 3 of us up in front and let us board first and asked us many times during the flight if everything was ok, and it was, it was more than ok, it was great. Mind you, I was totally prepared, I had snacks and drinks and toys and a laptop with her favourite shows and earphones as not to bother other passengers and I had even made about 20 bags of assorted candies and chocolates with a little note attached asking everyone to understand that my daughter is autistic and if she was to act up or act out to not get upset and hopefully to understand the stress of taking an autistic child on a trip. To my surprise, my daughter Elizabeth was perfect, all the way there, didn’t make a peep, never had a problem, and helped me feel so much more at ease than I had the night before getting everything ready for this trip. I didn’t even have to give out the candy bags, and ended up giving them to the daycare in Cuba.

Elizabeth only had 2 melt downs that whole week away, and both had to do with the airport. Once we got to Cuba, I did not get her stroller until after customs and I think that tiny little space that they make you walk through and talk to them about why you came to Cuba freaked her out. She did not want to go in there, and here I am with bags and her bag and I had to lift her, and she’s not light and then had to explain to the customs officer about her disability and then we had to take pictures, but they were very nice and understanding and once they opened up that other door to let us through, Elizabeth calmed down and then I saw our stroller and got her in there a.s.a.p. and the rest of travelling went smoothly after that. The bus trip to the hotel was great too. Once we got to the hotel, we were struck but the beauty and the grand entrance of the reception, one of the biggest I’ve ever seen. I made sure to contact a hotel rep before our travels and starting talking with a wonderful and such a helpful woman by the name of Lisbet. I told her all my concerns and she took care of each and every one of them. From giving us a great room on the first floor, both near the pool and beach and then booking all our reservations with the restaurants for us as knew this was going to be hard for us since Elizabeth won’t stand in any line for anything, so this took away a lot of stress, as well as easing my worries about the daycare there, she assured me that they were very capable of taking care of my little girl if we wished to use this service. We met up with Lisbet and she showed us around a bit and explained things and she was such a wonderful person and it was so great meeting her and having her help us, and she is one of the biggest reasons why we had such a wonderful time at this resort.

Only half the resort was open, but even still it was huge, and they were still in the process of fixing things and so there were a few issues, small ones, like needing more lights at night to see, and spaces between the squares on the floor and my stroller would bump its way along, thankfully Elizabeth didn’t complain so it wasn’t much of a problem, but it was a bit of a way to walk while she kept bumping up and down,lol.

Our room was beautiful and we had a great view of the ocean but there was a field of dry mud between our building and the beach and only one way to get to the beach, so you would have to walk around to get there, which we did the first day. Since it was our first day, we had no idea that we should have got up early to get chairs at the beach and so when we saw one palapa been occupied on one side, we decided to sit on the other side, only because the stroller would not go any farther, so we were stuck and I didn’t want Elizabeth getting burned, so I had to find shade for her. Wouldn’t you know it, I had some french canadian couple, move our things while we were in the water, and when I got out to ask them, they told me that they had to get up at 6am to get the palapa and that the WHOLE palapa was theirs. I argued with them and told them that this was not allowed and they should be ashamed of themselves to take away the only shade my daughter who was autistic had, they didn’t care. They were rude and selfish and I told them that as we packed up and left. That was the only bad thing that happened the whole week though, and it was not the resort’s fault so I didn’t hold it against them. Plus, they were in the midst of building more palapa’s everyday so I knew eventually this most likely wouldn’t be a problem in the future. We then went and checked out the daycare and we fell in love with the ladies there, right away they loved Elizabeth and you could tell they would take good care of her and so we told them we would have them watch her for a couple of hours the next day.

The restaurants in this resort were AMAZING!! Each one had fantastic food and since I had been to Cuba before and knew what to expect, I was blown out of the water. Even at the buffet there was a large selection and you never left hungry. They could change things up a bit and offer different foods on different days but other than that, we couldn’t complain. The waiters were all great, big smiles on their faces, very friendly and we were well taken care of every time.

The stage and auditorium was huge, and the shows were fun, and entertaining. We met lots of wonderful people and we had such a wonderful week there, we really couldn’t have asked for a better time.

I know that this resort will only get better as they open up the other half and fix a few things and build more palapas and at least a couple of more pathways to the beach. We did get up early the rest of the week to make sure we got a palapa on the beach but it was worth it. I wish we didn’t have to do that and hopefully future guests won’t have to resort to this as long as they build lots more palapas.

We left Elizabeth with the daycare everyday for a couple of hours until lunch, and they would even take her around the resort in the stroller and by the end everyone knew who she was, and because it was her birthday while we were there, they had a huge cake for her and sang to her and it was really so sweet and the peace I had knowing that she was well taken care of was like no other. In the afternoon we would pick her up and then go to the pool and spend the rest of the day there. The pools are big and amazing too and love the beds as this was perfect for Elizabeth, she could sit and watch her laptop and then go for a swim and back to watching her movies. This was the best first trip for my little girl and I’m so grateful for all that helped make this trip so special and wonderful for her and all of us.

The only other time we had a problem was getting off the plane back in Canada, Elizabeth didn’t want to get off the plane, and had a melt down, a long one, which is unusual so we waited while they brought the stroller up to us and it took about 20 mins for her to calm down in total even after putting her in the stroller, but again everyone on board was understanding and the flight attendants helped us so much and then getting through customs so easily and quickly helped tremendously.

I will always recommend this resort. The Melia Des Jardines Del Rey, will always be one of my most favourite resorts and I hope that we can go back there again soon. Much thanks to everyone, especially Lisbet and Amarilys and Lisyen who worked in the daycare and Eliover by the beach and Randy who kept us safe in general as he was the security guard, and to everyone else who helped make our trip so special, MUCHOS GRACIAS!! Hope to see you all again real soon. Besos

Here are some pics from my point and shoot camera, I have nice images from my pro camera but this was faster,lol.

On our way to the airport in style, Elizabeth’s first limo ride.

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Marcela and Oscar – Toronto – MPH Photography

Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

I met Marcela through one of my best friends, in fact, Mariana was one of my bridesmaids but she lives in Mexico where she met Marcela. Somehow Marcela is the one that ended up moving to Toronto and Mariana introduced us through facebook and I’m so happy she did as Marcela is such a sweet and funny and lovely girl. I was thrilled when she wanted me to do a session with her and her husband. They have been married 5 years and wanted to celebrate this anniversary with a photo shoot. I definitely think its the best way to celebrate any anniversary, and I love photographing couples in and around Toronto and with the fall colours, it was just like being in a candy store, I kept finding beautiful spots to photograph them in.

We met at sugar beach, at the Queens’s quay and walked around and laughed and enjoyed ourselves as I photographed the two of them. You could see the love that they have for each other and its always a pleasure photographing people who are totally in love with each other, their love always translates through the lens and the images captured are always beautiful.

I feel as if I have known Marcela for a long time, perhaps its because Mariana told me so much about her but I’m so happy that she lives here now and we get to hang out and get better acquainted, now if only we could get Mariana to move here too, then we would be the 3 amigos,lol.

Hope you enjoyed yourselves Marcela and Oscar, and I hope you like the sneak peek.













Mary and Rob’s family

Saturday, September 14th, 2013

I know Mary through my good friend Mona, I photographed the baptism of her cousin and Mona’s brother’s little boy about 6 years ago (here is the link to the baptism So I was really excited when she contacted me and asked to set up a session for her and her beautiful family. The kids were little when I photographed them at the baptism, they were the Godparents and they were so cute and I always told her that I would love to photograph them as a family and I’m so glad she came to me as I knew we were going to have a wonderful time at our session.

This year’s weather hasn’t been so great, but we managed to pick a good day except that they were renovating the parking at the beach that we had intended to go too, it didn’t matter though, we parked farther and all walked and had a nice time chit chatting and catching up since we last saw them a few years back.

The beach was pretty empty too which doesn’t usually happen but because of the renovation, not many were there, so we had the place to ourselves basically.

If the water wasn’t so cold, I would have made them all go into the water for some fun shots, but of course it was freezing and the kids couldn’t take it, they went in for about five mins but that was it, they kicked some water at each other and quickly got out of there as fast as they could,lol,  maybe next year we’ll do a session and finish off with them jumping into their pool.

We had such a great time with this family, it was like hanging out with old friends, and they feel like they are part of our family, not only because Mary is greek but because we got along so well and her kids are so sweet and nice and I want my kids to meet them as I think they would all become friends. Hopefully in the near future we can set up something for all of us to get together and hang out.

Thanks so much Mary and Rob for being super fun and super awesome. We really enjoyed our time with you and we look forward to doing it again one day. Enjoy your sneak peek.



















Karla and Danny’s family beach session – MPH Photography – Toronto

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

Last time I met Karla and Danny and Mateo, they didn’t have a little girl in their family, and neither did mine, and now we both have precious daughters, so I was excited when they contacted me and wanted me to photograph them as a family of 4 now.

We took them somewhere they have never been before in Toronto, the Bluffs, and I think they fell in love with this location and have a feeling they will be going there again. It wasn’t as busy as usual but we decided to wander in a bit and find some spots to get started. Isabella had just finished napping and I don’t think she was in the happiest of moods for our session but Mateo had fun from the beginning and he helped as much as he could to make his baby sister laugh.

We tried a few different spots and then ended up on the beach and although the water was cold, Mateo had no problem putting his feet in their and splashing around a little bit. Isabella took a little bit of time to enjoy the sand but by the end I think she liked the new sensation of sand between her little toes.

Karla and Danny it was great seeing you all and meeting you new baby girl, and we loved hanging out with you and capturing your family. We hope you had fun and we look forward to seeing you all again soon. Enjoy the sneak peek.














Lourdes’ Family beach session – MPH Photography – Toronto

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

I don’t think I’ve postponed a session as many as this one but for one reason or another it wasn’t quite working out but I knew that when the day finally came that we would meet up that it was going to be awesome and I was right.

I was so excited to meet Lourdes and her daughters and hubby, they were excited and ready to start and we jumped right on in. The girls acted as if they were seasoned models already and took direction so well and I just loved photographing them. We had tons of fun and we laughed together and talked and played and just had a wonderful time during our session.

We had perfect weather by the beach and I loved the colour that this family chose to wear, its one of my favourite colours lately and I knew it was going to look great in the images. The best part was the love that these two sisters share, it touched me so and they just wanted to spend every second together and Olivia and Alexandra are going to grow up being the best of friends I can tell.

Lourdes and Richard, it was wonderful meeting you all and thanks so much for being so enthusiastic and adorably sweet and beautiful. We really enjoyed photographing you all and are looking forward to doing it again in the near future. Enjoy your sneak peek.