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Natalie’s family session – MPH Photography – Toronto

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

Another repeat client and friend. We had the pleasure of meeting Natalie years ago and have kept close contact with her ever since. We also had the pleasure of photographing her several times and look forward to photographing her and her family for years to come. It truly is a blessing when you connect with a client and they understand you and feel you and can see that you love what you do and appreciate it. It’s my job to make my client feel good about themselves, but she always has a way of turning it around and making me feel good, that’s just Natalie. Also loving and caring and thoughtful. She is the kind of woman that if you are having a bad day, you can call her and she would bring back the sunshine and help your spirits rise, she has that gift about her.

Her kids are absolutely adorable and sweet and we finally got to meet Rowan this time and the two of them are so in love and so cute together, it was definitely a fun photo shoot.

There are so many images that I liked and it was hard cutting it down but here are just a few of my fave images from our day together.

Thanks Natalie and Rowan for coming out all that way to do a session with us, it was our pleasure and we look forward to doing it again in the near future.









Aileen’s Family – MPH Photography – Toronto

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

Love photographing repeat clients and old friends. I have known Aileen since elementary school and its so nice that I now photograph her and her precious family on a regular occasion.

We decided to go to her neck of the wood and picked a beautiful park to do her family session. It was a bit cold and a bit wet but we managed to have a fun time and capture some wonderful moments between all of them.

They have the most adorable little kids and they were such a joy to photograph, and love watching them grow and now that Sadie has a little brother, she’s even sweeter.

Thanks for asking us to photograph you again Aileen, its always a great time.












Karla and Danny’s family beach session – MPH Photography – Toronto

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

Last time I met Karla and Danny and Mateo, they didn’t have a little girl in their family, and neither did mine, and now we both have precious daughters, so I was excited when they contacted me and wanted me to photograph them as a family of 4 now.

We took them somewhere they have never been before in Toronto, the Bluffs, and I think they fell in love with this location and have a feeling they will be going there again. It wasn’t as busy as usual but we decided to wander in a bit and find some spots to get started. Isabella had just finished napping and I don’t think she was in the happiest of moods for our session but Mateo had fun from the beginning and he helped as much as he could to make his baby sister laugh.

We tried a few different spots and then ended up on the beach and although the water was cold, Mateo had no problem putting his feet in their and splashing around a little bit. Isabella took a little bit of time to enjoy the sand but by the end I think she liked the new sensation of sand between her little toes.

Karla and Danny it was great seeing you all and meeting you new baby girl, and we loved hanging out with you and capturing your family. We hope you had fun and we look forward to seeing you all again soon. Enjoy the sneak peek.














Laura’s Family – MPH Photography – Toronto

Monday, August 26th, 2013

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing Laura’s family before when Ashlynn was just a baby and now to see these beautiful two little sisters growing up and loving each other and just so adorably sweet is the kind of session that I love doing. Sunset at the beach, with beautiful weather and not too many people made it even more perfect.

We had a wonderful time watching the girls play and walk around and throw rocks in the water and just enjoying a summer evening. I know this family made many memories together during our time and I had the hard job of photographing their time together, have I told you that I love my job,lol.

Laura and Sam, thanks again for asking us to photograph your beautiful family, I think this time was even more fun than last time, and I hope you like the sneak peek from our time together. ┬áCan’t wait to photograph your beautiful girls and all of you again.











Gloria’s Family – MPH Photography – Toronto

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

This session has been in the making for a while now and I’m so glad we finally got to meet and do this family session as it was so much fun and these girls were so cute and little Chloe was full of energy and constantly on the go, we had to chase her many times but it was so much fun watching her happily run around. Oldest sister Ava is so mature and such a lovely young woman and took care of her little sister and you can tell that Chloe just adores her big sis.

We walked around and found some wonderful spots to photograph them in and although it was a bit windy that day, we hardly felt it. It turned out to be a great session and well worth the wait I think.

Thanks Gloria and Dan, we enjoyed photographing you all and hope you had a wonderful time as well. Enjoy your sneak peek.