About Me


A happy wife and loving mommy of 2 boys and  a little girl, & a snap happy photographer.

I have a special love, other than my children, and this love grows daily. My love is photography, I have a crazy passion for it. I love shooting little toes, and little fingers, sweet smiles and careless moments. Wether it be a wedding day or a birthday or a baptism or a day in the life, its my desire to capture the joy, the laughter, the love of every person that comes in front of my camera.  I want to capture precious moments and freeze them in time, so they can be cherished for ever.

My husband loves to call me Zoi, it means “life”,  and I’m a greek girl that has a zest for life, I’m a happy mother, photographer, wife, always positive and am a glass is half full kind of girl, I do my best in all I do and my goal is to make my clients the happiest they can be with the work I have done for them. I always strive to have fun at every session, and to make my clients feel comfy and relaxed and at ease and to most of all enjoy themselves.

I look forward to making you laugh during one of my sessions.  Expect a fun filled day when you are out shooting with me.

Thank you for visiting MPH Photography.

For any comments or questions please email me @: mphphotography@gmail.com

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