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Gran Caribe Club Cayo Guillermo September 2019

Wednesday, April 15th, 2020

We have travelled many times to many different places but this little spot will hold a special place in our hearts. From the moment I contacted them (Sandor replied) and I was assured that the staff there would do everything they could to make our stay amazing and that they did.

As soon as we stepped off the bus, the manager Caesar and Nildrey and Rammary were there to great us with drinks and to take us to our room. We were surprised to find we were given a 1 bedroom bungalow suite. It was beautiful. My daughter and I had the bedroom and the boys had the living room, I didn’t know how much we needed that as we all got some privacy as well as our own space when needed. My daughter needed some quiet time and this suite was perfect and i really appreciate that they gave it to us, it was very thoughtful of them and so helpful to us. They took care of everything and we didn’t even have to go to the front desk. We were whisked away to our villa by the sea and next to the pool. It was perfect!! Even had food waiting for us in the villa as we got there late (thus the blurry image of my son eating, but it was the only shot I took of the food before it was all gone). We were all so excited and we had just arrived.

Nildrey took care of our little girl every day and our daughter loved her, she was kind and attentive and wonderful. We also got to relax a bit and not worry as our daughter was in good hands. Nildrey took her to see the dolphins, went on horse buggy rides, painted shells, went to a splash pad, took her on a catamaran, and even stayed up late with her in our room while we went to a beach party at a nearby disco. It was the first time that I felt so assured that my daughter was in good hands, they left the hotel together to go do activities and I was ok with that, no worries as I knew Nildrey was taking the best care of my little girl. This meant so much to me and helped me to relax and truly enjoy my vacation. Nildrey kept telling me that she wanted me not to worry, to rest and go to the beach and enjoy the sun and that she was taking great care of my little girl and she helped make sure we had the best vacation ever.

The food was pretty good, chef Jeremiah is awesome, and made us personally churros everyday and would deliver them to us wherever we were. Norje the cook would always make heart pancakes and heart shape omelettes for our little girl and always greeted us with a smile.

Alex was the other manager and he was always so happy to see us and always took a moment to ask if we were well taken care of and if we needed anything and he took care of many of our particular needs when it came to food. He always made sure my daughter got pizza every night, as she pretty much wouldn’t eat anything else. They didn’t have to do this, but that they did, was so awesome. They also made reservations for us for every night,. again another helpful thing to do and I appreciate that so much.

The entertainment staff was so much fun, they tried to include everyone and they were friendly and so kind. Jorge (George) was full of energy and took time to spend with the guests even when he wasn’t working. They made each one of my children feel special and this was so sweet.

Julie would always take such good care of us while dining and Adonis was an amazing bartender. Everyone went above and beyond their jobs and made you feel like you were at home. We were very sad to leave and hope to come back soon one day. Just make sure you take lots of mosquito spray as that’s the only thing that one may complain about. Again thanks to everyone there for making our stay extra special. We can’t thank you enough and we consider you family.

I will recommend this hotel to anyone and will tell them that they will be well taken care of, they will feel like the staff members are family and they will never want to leave. This was even better than some 5 star resorts that I have been too. The personal touches and the extra effort they give you is just amazing and I can’t thank them enough for giving us a week in paradise, we will never forget this vacation!!!

(these pictures were not taken with my professional camera, so they are not the best quality)