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Royalton – Antigua – 2019

Saturday, March 14th, 2020

I love travelling to different places and then writing about them as I think it helps others plus it reminds us of the adventures that we had. Ever since i was a little girl, travelling was and still is important to me and my family. I would spend my summers in Greece, a few weeks in Athens and then a month or so in Naxos where my dad was from and those trips will always hold such special memories for me and I wanted to do the same for my family. Even though we tend to go to caribbean now, one day I plan on taking the family back to Greece to show them their heritage.

In the meantime we will travel to various locations and I will blog about them. Usually I would bring my pro camera, but since my car accident in 2016 its been hard to carry my beast around, she’s pretty heavy and although I miss my beautiful images, for now, I will just use the olympus tough tg-5.

This trip my best friend and I decided to try the Royalton in Antigua and let’s just say we weren’t disappointed. Once we got to the airport we were directed to the Royalton booth where thWe have travelled many times to many different places but this little spot will hold a special place in our hearts. From the moment I contacted them (Sandor replied) and I was assured that the staff there would do everything they could to make our stay amazing and that they did. As soon as we stepped off the bus, the manager Caesar and Nildrey and Rammary were there to great us with drinks and to take us to our room. They took care of everything and we didn’t even have to go to the front desk. We were whisked away to our villa by the sea and next to the pool. It was perfect!! Even had food waiting for us in the villa as we got there late. Nildrey took care of our little girl every day and our daughter loved her, she was kind and attentive and wonderful. We also got to relax a bit and not worry as our daughter was in good hands. Nildrey took her to see the dolphins and even stayed up late with her in our room while we went to a beach party. The food was pretty good, chef Jeremiah is awesome, and made us personally churros everyday and would deliver them to us wherever we were. Norje the cook would always make heart pancakes and heart shape omelettes for our little girl and always greeted us with a smile. Alex was the other manage and he was always so happy to see us and always took a moment to ask if we were well taken care of and if we needed anything and he took care of many of our particular needs when it came to food. The entertainment staff was so much fun, they tried to include everyone and they were friendly and so kind. Jorge (George) was full of energy and took time to spend with the guests even when he wasn’t working. Julie would always take such good care of us while dining and Adonis was an amazing bartender. Everyone went above and beyond their jobs and made you feel like you were at home. We were very sad to leave and hope to come back soon one day. Just make sure you take lots of mosquito spray as that’s the only thing that one may complain about. Again thanks to everyone there for making our stay extra special. We can’t thank you enough and we consider you family.ey put our diamond club bracelets on us and gave us a bottle of water and off we went to the resort. We were greeted with a tropical punch and warm towels and then shuttled to the diamond club lounge where they had little appetizers for us to nibble on while we waited for our butlers to come and take us to our rooms. Rooms are beautiful and although there was a little mishap with our suitcases going to the wrong room, we were well compensated for the 2 hours of worry that we went through. After that we did not have one problem. The food is amazing, the restaurants are fantastic, we love Hunter steakhouse, fillet mignon was like butter in your mouth. We never waited for our table, and although the food took a bit of time getting to us it was worth the wait and we were well taken care of by our wonderful waiter.

The beach was gorgeous and diamond club members have their own little area, we were well taken care of but at times the wait was a bit longer than we liked, it was ok though, we were in paradise and we know that not everything is always going to run smoothly all the time. We loved the cabanas with the private little jacuzzi’s so we rented them for 2 days at $95 per day, again well worth it, it was a highlight of our trip.

We did a catamaran cruise for a day and it was so much fun, and thrilling as we would go over the waves and it was almost like being on a roller coaster.

We also did some shopping in town, not much to choose from but both my best friend and I love blue diamonds so we both purchased blue diamond rings.

We loved getting all dressed up every evening for dinner and then the show, which was ok, sometimes better than other nights but one night they had a silent dance party which we ended up having a great time at. It was our first time doing this, you go to the roof and choose a pair of headphones and you can choose between 2 channels and then you dance but no one else around without the headphones can hear the music. It’s a cool and interesting event and we were so happy that this couple told us to go and check it out, we almost didn’t but really ended up enjoying ourselves.

The only complaint we had is the concierge on every floor, at first they are so nice to you and offer to do anything you want them too and then they hit you. Our nice concierge lady called us one evening and asked if she could come and talk to us. I had a feeling I knew what she was going to say and warned my bestie but my bestie has a big heart and when our concierge basically told us that she doesn’t get paid unless she gets customers to go to this “special presentation” my bestie persuaded me to go. Even though that I knew it was a waste of time, and it would not be just 30 mins long, and I knew they would try every tactic to get us to purchase into their “club” I sighed and went along. After a very long 3 hours of breakfast and then touring the cabins on the water and told if we bought in at $17,000 then we would get to go to any Royalton and get an automated upgrade plus perk after perk but in the end its still not worth it to us as we may not want to go to the Royalton and then what. The guy trying to persuade us to buy even told us that this was better than buying life insurance, and which I got upset that he could even compare purchasing a timeshare to purchasing life insurance and I was ready to leave when he went to get his boss. I was about to let the boss have it, but he was nice and just wanted to shake our hands and wish us well and then we left. So don’t get duped into doing the presentation and losing precious time from your vacation.

Other than that, we have an awesome time and were well taken care of. I do think that the Royalton in Antigua is new and has some work to do still, like quicker service and such, but hopefully they will get there. I give it an 8 out of 10 and although its a a bit pricey, I wouldn’t hesitate to go back.