Princess C – Newborn Photography – MPH Photography

I had the pleasure of photographing this sweet couple’s 2nd baby girl the other day, I photographed her big sister a couple of years ago and it was an honour they called me again to photograph their 2nd baby.

Little Miss C was so adorable and so sweet, that newborn smell, those tiny little toes and cute little lips, I almost just wanted to hold her the whole time rather than photograph her. Time goes by so fast, and they are this small just for a little while, so you need to enjoy them at this age, as they will never be that small ever again. Photographing them at this age is the best thing as you will always have images to remember them back when they fit into your arms. She did so well and barely fussed at all and it was actually harder to get her older sister to want to take a picture, as she was into her show on the ipad, and anyone who has had a 2yr old knows how hard it can be to get their attention and make them do what you want to do. As a result, we didn’t get many shots with big sis in them, but we managed to get a few at least.

I can see how daddy is and going to be so protective of his little girls and with all their cute outfits, mommy is going to have fun dressing them up all the time. I’m sure these two little girls will be so loved and so cherished and I can see them growing up to be best friends, in between the usual sibling spats,lol.

I look forward to watching them grow and I hope I get to photograph them again when they are a bit older and documenting their childhood for them as they grow.

Thanks for asking me to photograph your sweet little girls again, it was wonderful seeing you all again and I hope you enjoy your sneak peek.













31 Responses to “Princess C – Newborn Photography – MPH Photography”

  1. Zia Fara Says:

    Stef and Nick, Chiara is beautiful as is your family! I can’t wait to watch them grow!!
    Manuela the pictures you captured are stunning!! Great work.

  2. Connie Says:

    Absolutely beautiful pictures. I could not decide which is my favourite as they are stunning!!!! Beside the beauty, you can feel the emotion in every picture. Love them all!!!

  3. Lily Says:

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family xo

  4. Lily Says:

    Gorgeous! Beautiful pics of a beautiful family!!

  5. dolores Says:

    Beautiful pics!!! <3

  6. Daniela Says:

    God Bless, these pictures capture such a special day; so angelic and serene.

    Congratulations again to such a beautiful family.

    Zia Danie

  7. Tania Says:

    Beautiful photos for a beautiful family!! I especially love the photo of big sis with her little sis!!

  8. Grandma Jenny Says:

    “I Love this”

    These are the most precious picture yet of our young family. Thank you for taking such care in our family’s photo shoot. I have send to all my friends regarding your professional photo’s and told them that you travel to their homes. Thank you again!

  9. Grandma Jenny Says:

    “I love this”

    Thank you for taking such care in our young family pictures! You are so talented, God bless.
    I have send your link to all my friends and i told them of your services.

  10. Alessandra Says:

    LOVE love love! Beautiful family xoxox

  11. Zia Luisa Says:

    Good luck choosing amongst these beautiful photos! I think the one of Baby C sleeping against Mommy is especially adorable. Bella, sana famiglia!

  12. Auntie Sara Says:

    These are so cute! Stef, you look amazing <3
    Talia is sweet, and Chiara stole the show! Love the tiara photo, it's adorable.
    My brother looks manly and protective as usual~

    Love you all so much <3

  13. Vanessa Says:

    I absolutely love, love these pics.
    You couldn’t have asked for two more beautiful girls in the world!
    What a beautiful family.

  14. Ryan Says:

    Amazing pictures!!! Lots of love

  15. Nancy Says:

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family!

  16. Lucas Says:

    So cute! Much love

  17. Nonna Grazia Says:

    God Bless your beautiful family!
    Talia and Chiara are adorable!

  18. Nonno Pal Says:

    You made our little angels look even more angelic!

  19. Nonna Grazia Says:

    God Bless my beautiful little darlings!
    What fabulous pictures!

  20. Sheena Says:

    She is so cute, those girls are lucky little ladies, beautiful family moments captured forever xoxo

  21. Drew Says:

    Beautiful family!

  22. Bisnonna Marcella Says:

    Che Dio e la Madonna benedica queste Bambine preziose!

  23. Bisnonno Peppino Says:

    Che bella famiglia!

  24. Florence Says:

    What beautiful pictures of this special time in your lives!
    Kudos also to the photographer!

  25. Sandra Filicetti Says:

    Just gorgeous! Auguri.

  26. Zia Frankie Says:

    Gorgeous pictures for a gorgeous family. Chiara is adorable and precious!

  27. Stefania Says:

    Absolutely love the pics! Thank you soooo much for the wonderful pics!!!

  28. Andrea J Says:

    Sweet baby girls! Adorable pics! xo

  29. Zia Francesca Says:

    Auguri!! Che bellissima famiglia!

  30. Immacolata Says:

    Wow!!!!!!!! Love love love the pics!

  31. Nick Says:

    Awesome pics!

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