Marcela and Oscar – Toronto – MPH Photography

I met Marcela through one of my best friends, in fact, Mariana was one of my bridesmaids but she lives in Mexico where she met Marcela. Somehow Marcela is the one that ended up moving to Toronto and Mariana introduced us through facebook and I’m so happy she did as Marcela is such a sweet and funny and lovely girl. I was thrilled when she wanted me to do a session with her and her husband. They have been married 5 years and wanted to celebrate this anniversary with a photo shoot. I definitely think its the best way to celebrate any anniversary, and I love photographing couples in and around Toronto and with the fall colours, it was just like being in a candy store, I kept finding beautiful spots to photograph them in.

We met at sugar beach, at the Queens’s quay and walked around and laughed and enjoyed ourselves as I photographed the two of them. You could see the love that they have for each other and its always a pleasure photographing people who are totally in love with each other, their love always translates through the lens and the images captured are always beautiful.

I feel as if I have known Marcela for a long time, perhaps its because Mariana told me so much about her but I’m so happy that she lives here now and we get to hang out and get better acquainted, now if only we could get Mariana to move here too, then we would be the 3 amigos,lol.

Hope you enjoyed yourselves Marcela and Oscar, and I hope you like the sneak peek.













45 Responses to “Marcela and Oscar – Toronto – MPH Photography”

  1. Gloria Segura Says:

    Great photo shoot! You guys look lovely !!!

  2. Claudia Olvera Says:

    Marcela, you guys look amazing… very nice pictures!

  3. Mariana Says:

    Oh my God!!! Marcela, the very famous “Mango”…. you look stunning in these photos!… Manni what a great work!! Now I want my own session!!!
    Manni, we met when I was only 19, you taught me so much about life, that I ended calling you “big sister”… by that time, you used to work for the post office, remember? Those days filled with spanokopita, pumpernickle bread, …long afternoons with your adorable mom Elsa. Thanks for taking care of my great friend Mango, im so glad you 2 are friends now!!
    Lovely work, my fav photographer, my fav big sister, my fav canadian friend…..I love and miss you with all my heart!!

    Mangoso y Oscar, sean siempre muy felices!!

  4. Mariana Says:

    Marce y Óscar
    Que fotos tan increíbles!!! Me encanta ver el amor que se tienen y La Paz que proyectan estando juntos
    Los quiero con todo mi corazón!!!
    Y extraño más


  5. Chayo Says:

    Están hermosas todas las fotos! Los modelos guapísimos! Las locaciones increíbles!
    Marce te ves increíble sabes que te quiero muchísimo y te extraño más, me da muchísimo gusto verte plena y feliz disfrutando tu sueño de estar allá
    Cuando vengas a México, trae a la fotógrafa y me ofrezco de modelo

  6. socorro elizondo Says:

    wowww, super nice

  7. Priscilla Says:

    Gorgeous pictures!!! I love the colours and your smile! Great phtographer.

  8. Gabriela Arenas Says:

    Hermosa fotos! Me encantaron.

  9. Marcela Says:

    Thanks, Manni, for this amazing photoshoot! It was fun, funny, romantic, beautiful! I love all the pics. You are the best!

    I wish I could see as gorgeous as on these pictures ALWAYS! ha ha ha ha.

  10. MCastaneda Says:

    Amazing pictures. Attractive couple and just unbelievable gorgeous woman!!!
    Photographer did an awesome job, and the models did an even better one showing those natural smiles. Love them!!

  11. Eddy Says:

    Oh My God! All of photos are drop dead gorgeous, and so are the models! The locations are breath taking and you guys look so happy! I love you and miss you so much Marce, but I’m happy you are having such a great time enjoying life, and PLEASE when you come to Mexico bring the photographer and let me model with you!

  12. Tania Cecena Says:

    Son unos bellos!!

  13. Hena Says:

    Woooow! Amazing pictures!!! Congratulations!! Marce you look gorgeous!!!

  14. Mitch Go Says:

    Las fotos están increíbles, y la pareja, me encanta! Se ven igual de felices que el día que se casaron!!! 😀

  15. elsa Says:

    Me gustan todas. Se ven guapísimo.

  16. Christina Nguyen Says:

    beautiful couple. these photos turned out beautifully!

  17. Hannah Says:

    Congrats to the photographer! You were able to capture the beauty and the essence of his couple: togetherness, complicity and romance!
    Plus… They look awesome haha. I think this must be the “Canadian effect” because they didn’t use to look this good back in the day! ;-)))
    Happy anniversary guys! We’re doing our best to come see you next year!
    Love ya!

  18. Ana Paola Name Says:

    One of the best couples I know and the photo shoot is amazing, love the filter and the great details in every picture.

  19. Lilo Says:

    The photo shoot is wonderful!! Beatriz you look stunning.
    Definitely one of my personal favorite couples ever!! Love u both

  20. Harumy Says:

    Wow!! Que hermosas fotos y que guapos se ven!!! La vida por allá si que les ha beneficiado!! Se ven tan contentos!! Que gusto me da!!

  21. Thalia Says:

    Very chulas your photos Ms. Marceline!

  22. Victor Goñi Says:

    Great pictures, amazing way to celebrate their anniversary, showcasing also a nice city!! atta couple!

  23. Linda Says:

    Absolutely amazing photos!!!! Marcela, you look gorgeous!

  24. marcela Says:

    Woww HermosaS fotos! ! Son geniales y tu tocaya te ves fantastica! !!

  25. Alejandra Says:

    I love this couple, I met them 9 years ago and I have been lucky enough to witness how their love has overcome many things. I love them very much and this photo shoot truly transmits how much they love each other!!!!!

  26. Jeannette Says:

    beautiful photos and beautiful couple!!

  27. Leonor Says:

    Beautiful couple, amazing foto shoot!

  28. Jean Says:

    Incredible pictures!!

  29. SOL Says:

    Hey Marce, you both look great!!!!!!!!! awesome photos!!!!! Love is in the air!!!!

  30. Letty Alvarez Says:

    We have been friends since I was very young and Marce was a teenager. Together we past thrpghout many experiences that made us reinforce our friendhip, Now with Oscar, they have reached some of those goals that we used to talk about and I’m glad they love each other in such a wonderful way!
    Now I love both, I love Oscar because he’s doing his best to make Marce happy and Marce because she taught me that no matter how hard can be trying to reach a dream it will be easier if you do it being in love!

  31. Monchis XP Says:

    Que bonitas fotografías!!! Hasta parecen recien casados!! Se ven super guapos!!! Los quiero mucho!! Saludos!!!

  32. Peggy Barrière Says:

    les photos sont vraiment magnifiques! J’adore celle sur la plage avec le parasol rose…
    Vous êtes superbes, mais pourquoi tu ne venais pas travailler comme ça???
    Des bises,

  33. Stephy Says:

    What a nice photo shoot, you can see that love is in the air.

  34. Crystal Says:

    Wow!! You guys look awesome!!! Marcela, I love that outfit! Legs look awesome!

  35. Erika Cedillo Says:

    WOW!!!! the pics are simply amazing!!! reflective of an amazing couple.
    Manni, I have to say I am jealous you get to enjoy one of my favourite people in the world, Marcela!! she is simply amazing and I miss her so much. YOu did a great job capturing her essence and the great marriage they have built.
    Oscar and Marce I’m so happy to see you reflecting so much love, certainly Toronto has brought new light to your lives. Keep on the good life and the big love you have for each other.
    Sending you lots of love from Vancouver!!

  36. Adriana Vega Says:

    Chein y Oscar! Se ven increíbles!! Me alegra mucho que sean tan felices y que el haberse mudado haya sido una decision acertada! Los quiero mucho y nos vemos en diciembre!!! Están padrisima a las fotos!!! Los quiero!!

  37. Nazlhe Cheín Says:

    Se ven guapérrimos. Sigan disfrutando su vida a todo lo que da.
    Dios los bendiga, espero poder verlos pronto!!

    besos a los dos.

  38. Tere Says:

    Looking good hot stuff!

  39. Camilo Chein Says:

    Great Pics awsome photoshoot Ahijada y Sobrino les deseo lo mejor hoy y siempre mucha Salud Felicidad y Exito en todo se les quiere y extraña desde Tampico México Congrats

  40. etna Says:

    Super cute couple! You can tell they love each other soooo much

  41. Fabio Says:

    Bien por los modelos jaja buenas fotos

  42. Norma Marin Says:

    Que padres fotos! y que guapos se ven! muchas felicidades!!

  43. Aurora Says:

    Que padres fotos!! Que guapa Marceline!!! Felicidades!!

  44. Raquel Says:

    Se ven hermosos jajajaja my favorite teacher lol miss uuu

  45. Ghis Rachidi Says:

    I’ve known Marcela for years, I also know her family quite well and love them as my own. I don’t think there can be a better couple in the world who can bring to life the word “soulmate” like Marcela and Oscar. They make love seem easy, natural and plentiful. Whenever I think I’m not going to make it in my marriage or things get too difficult, I look to them and follow by example their happy marriage. I couldn’t be prouder to call them my friends. I love them with all my heart and soul.

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