Maureen’s family – MPH Photography – Toronto

I love repeat clients and I was so happy to see Maureen and Ervin and their boys Nicholas and Andrew again. It’s been a few years since I’ve photographed them and the boys were tall then but now they are like skyscrapers,lol. This is their sneak peek from 3 years ago

I love this family, they are so sweet and polite and lovely to work with, the boys always make me laugh. I remember our last photo shoot at Edwards gardens and it was a very hot day, well this time Maureen wanted to do a session in the snow and I couldn’t be happier. I think its great when clients want to do something different and they brave the cold and come out with cute coats and mitts and you can bet there will be alot less people to shoot around because it is winter,lol.

We had alot of fun last time, but don’t think it can compare because this time while they were all together posing for a family shot by the stables, a beautiful horse came up and put his head right beside them and even stuck their tongue out for a shot (2nd last shot posted below), its definitely one of my most favourite shots ever now.  I posted it on facebook, and a friend commented saying that the horse must be american, as the Canadian women’s hockey team just won gold in over time against the US, coming back from 2-0, it was the best game I’ve ever seen and made all of us Canadians proud.

The Canadian mitts were the best accessory as well, since the olympics just finished and you can see that this is a proud Canadian family. The red and black made for a wonderful combination and I think they all look so sharp.

It was cold out though, its been a very cold winter, more so than usual and so glad this family braved the cold to capture some great shots of them.

Thanks Herold family for coming back and doing another session with me, can’t believe how much your boys have grown and it was great seeing you all again. Here’s your sneak peek from our time together.











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