Mehran – MPH Photography – Toronto

Let me tell you about this beautiful woman that I know, not only is she kind and loving and smart and soft spoken and sweet, she also helped me give birth to two of my beautiful babies.

She’s my midwife, and I love her, and was so happy to have a woman who I could ask questions and advice from and tell all my fears too and help me through ups and downs of my pregnancy. She helped me carry these precious souls and bring them into this world, and I don’t have the words to express my gratitude to her as well as the other wonderful midwives that helped, especially Sarilyn. After we had George and I had an OB for that, I just wasn’t happy with the service that I got, so when I became pregnant with our second child Nik, I did some research and found that there was a midwife clinic just a few blocks away. I called and made an appointment. They paired me up with Mehran and I clicked with her right away, we could sit there and talk for hours if she didn’t have other clients to take care of as well,lol.

The midwives clinic of East York is such a huge blessing for women in the area, they take such great care of their clients and you feel like you are part of a family there, and the clinic and the midwives there will always have a special place in my heart and they will have my eternal gratitude.

If you live in the East york –  Don mills and Leaside area and are pregnant then I definitely encourage you to call the clinic and set up the appointment, you can choose to have your baby at the hospital or at home, I did both, not really through any choice of my own though (2nd baby decided to come while I was at home and I didn’t make it to the hospital), but they are experienced and well trained and calm and collected and know what they are doing, even in an emergency. Other than my husband, I’m so glad to have had them there and can look back on this part of our lives with fondness and joy and admiration for such a lovely group of woman. To show some of my appreciation I gave them a few images of my work to put up on their walls, and so don’t be surprised if you see some of my images hanging on the walls in their clinic.

Thanks so much for all your help Mehran, and Sarilyn and all the ladies at The midwives clinic of East york, you are such a great group of hard working and dedicated woman and can’t thank you all enough for everything you do.











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  1. Danielle Says:

    These are gorgeous photos. I love midwives! Love the flowers and all the colour too 🙂

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