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Little Leo – Newborn session – MPH Photography – Toronto

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

This was our 3rd session with Samara and her family and every time we do a session, it keeps getting better and better. Didn’t think we could top her maternity, that was a wonderful session but anything could then I think these precious pictures of her beautiful children, Stella and Leo would.

Newborn sessions usually tend to last 3-4 hours, or longer as we often have to wait for baby to fall back asleep and little Leo took a little time but he finally went down and let us take some beautiful shots of him and the whole family.

Big sister Stella was so helpful and such a darling little girl, her and her brother were so sweet, and I can see that Leo loves his big sister already and Stella is crazy about Leo.

We had such a lovely time with Samara and Ari and Stella and little Leo and it was wonderful to do another session with them, plus they booked a  package so we get to photograph them again in the near future, can’t wait to see how these little ones have grown and the relationship they are now just building.

Thanks Samara and Ari for allowing us into your home and for trusting us again this time with your precious little babies, it will be a session we will remember and not only because of the little gift he gave us during the session 😉 but also because you are such a wonderful and loving family and it was a pleasure photographing all of you again. Enjoy your sneak peek.









































Baby Mckinley – 7 days old – Newborn session – MPH Photography – Toronto

Friday, June 21st, 2013

A newborn’s smell is so intoxicating, they are fresh, pure and innocent and just beautiful! Tiny little hands and feet and a tiny nose and little lips that you want to kiss all day long, sigh. There is nothing that compares to holding a newborn in your arms, even if they aren’t yours. They are God’s amazing gift, precious little creatures that look to us for everything, and we’ll do anything for them.

This is why I get so excited when a client hires me to capture their precious little newborn, it means alot to us that they trust us with their sweet little hearts. I’m even more thrilled when its a client who I have photographed many times before, including their wedding and maternity and then to photograph their first born, is extremely touching and I knew we’d have a wonderful session.

These sessions take a long time, as we need baby as sleepy as possible and hopefully they stay sleeping during the whole session, but usually at some point or another they tend to wake up and mommy needs to feed them to try to get them back to sleep so that we can position them and have them stay still in those positions while we shoot them and that can only happen while they are sleeping.  This is another reason why we do a session within 9 days of baby being born.

Little sweet Miss Mckinley was only 7 days old when we came to photograph her and she likes company as she wanted to be awake for most of the session to watch us and see all that’s going on in her world, but we definitely didn’t mind waiting for this little angel to fall back asleep and just holding her was enough of a treat, almost didn’t want to photograph her as I just wanted to hold her the whole time,lol. I know I wanted to take her home by the time we were done though,lol.

May this little girl bless your home and bring you lots of love and joy and happiness Danielle and Dave, she’s blessed to have you guys are parents and anyone can see how much you love her already, she’s definitely got daddy wrapped around her little finger and we can’t wait to watch her as she grows and reaches different milestones in her life. I always knew Danielle would be a great mom, as I have seen and photographed her with her niece and now this sweet little girl gets to experience the love of such a wonderful and caring mother, Mckinley is definitely one blessed little child with such great parents and I’m excited to see her grow and learn and love and perhaps become a big sister one day 😉

Danielle and Dave, thanks so much for trusting us with your adorable little baby girl, we hope you enjoyed the day we spent together and that you enjoy these images of your angel for years and years to come.


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1617 baby newborn princess girl


1632 girl tutu pink bow


1675p newborn girl feathers


1704 newborn angel wings


1733r baby pink bow girl


1739 newborn baby girl portrait


mckinleyveil newborn wedding veil


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1908bw newborn mother


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Sunrise maternity session at the beach – Toronto – MPH Photography

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

Had a lovely time with Charlotte photographing her little belly this past weekend, had to keep telling her to stick it out because you couldn’t see it that much,lol.  It was a nice day although the sun did not show up for us again (although I did add some sun to the first image), but we still had fun and I’m loving the images that we got from our time together. Then her cute and adorable little boy came with papa and her little boy stole my heart. That smile and those big brown eyes and any lady would just die for those eyelashes. He wore this cute little bow tie and I couldn’t stop gushing over him, wanted to take him home after the session,lol. He was a little bit shy but full of smiles and just the cutest little thing. He is going to be one sweet and wonderful big brother to this little boy on the way.

Getting up at 4:30am to do a session like this is well worth it, as no one is at the beach at this time and we have the place all to ourselves and usually by the time we finish, the beach is packed, so although I hate getting up so early, its definitely the best time to do a session if you don’t want anyone else around.

Charlotte rocked it, she wore heels and looked stunning. I could have spent several more hours photographing her but she had a yoga class to go teach and we decided to wrap things up and I couldn’t wait to get home and start editing her images. It was hard to choose the ones I liked best though, as they were so many good shots and I hope she likes the ones I chose to edit.

Charlotte and Seth and Isaiah, thanks so much for coming out so early, it was so nice meeting you all and we hope you enjoyed your time with us and we also hope you love your sneak peek.






















































Vee and Raf engagement session – MPH Photography – Toronto

Sunday, June 2nd, 2013

Did you ever meet a couple that when you first saw them, you knew they were meant to be together, like they were made for each other. Well, besides hubby and I,lol, this is what I thought when I first met Vee and Raf. It’s almost as if they were the same person, with 2 distinct personalities,lol. The way they talk, and look at each other and even when they argue, you can see the love that they have for each other.

I was so excited to meet this couple on a cold day in November, as Vee  is my kind of girl,lol. She’s cute and funny and sweet and kind and a fashionista and beautiful inside and out and she loves feathers, I absolutely adore feathers,lol. We met at Cafe Frappe on the Danforth, and right away I knew they were a perfect fit and was excited at the prospect of photographing their wedding. We talked and laughed and connected and formed a bond that very first meeting.  As we planned their engagement session, I knew it was going to be hard waiting for months to photograph these two.

The day finally came though and we were off to photograph Vee and Raf in their beautiful home. Not only is their home beautiful, but they have a forest for a backyard that includes a beautiful private waterfall. It was so beautiful and although it took a bit of a trek to get there, it was well worth it, even with Chris falling 2-3 times, fortunately neither Chris nor his camera were hurt,lol. I wanted to stay there for the rest of the evening and even though we had planned on changing outfits a few times, it just seemed to fit that both of them were in white and surrounded by greenery and water falls and just beautiful landscape. It was the perfect place for an engagement session, and it was even more meaningful as this is the spot that they both love and go to all the time. They knew these woods and did daring things that I never expected them to do. They got behind the falls, and climbed big logs that were suspended off the ground, and sat close to edges of little cliffs, and Vee did it all in style while wearing a pair of gorgeous heels! I loved it!

Our bride to be also happened to appear on one of my fave shows, Keasha’s perfect dress on the slice channel, and of course that’s where Vee found her perfect dress. I loved watching this episode of Vee and I totally agree with the groom’s sister Joanna when she said Vee is a classy and sophisticated and sexy, that pretty much sums it up. Here is the link to that episode, but don’t send the link to her fiance Raf,lol. Actually Keasha and I have become friends thanks to Vee, but that’s another story and I hope to be posting images on my blog from my session with her and her family soon.

This is one wedding we are definitely looking forward to photographing, and we know its going to be a very special day filled with lots of joy and laughter and good times.

Thanks again Vee and Raf, it was so much fun hanging out with you and photographing you both in your own special secret escape, and next time, we’ll definitely come for a swim when the pool is ready.

Can’t wait for your wedding day!!!!