Joan and Max – MPH Photography – Toronto May 2013

Joan was referred to me by a good friend and client Louise and I can’t thank Louise enough as it was such a pleasure meeting such an amazing woman. Joan has this aura about her, this je ne sais quoi about her. The kind of person you want to just listen to talk and learn everything you can from her. I could tell from our emails and conversations that this was one determined and strong woman and I couldn’t wait to meet her. Then she sent me a few pics of herself to show me some outfits she was considering and I knew the camera was going to love her as she’s a beautiful woman inside and out.

It was a nice day, a bit windy but much better than the weather has been, its still a bit cold for my liking lately and I’m waiting for the hot weather to get here, but for photo shoots, it was just about perfect.

I knew Joan wanted to get a few shots with her son as well and I knew he wasn’t going to stay long so we got to it and had some fun, made mother and son laugh and I think that Max may have enjoyed himself a little. Not sure, I’ll ask him later,lol. After he left we started photographing Joan in different outfits and I couldn’t stop snapping pictures, she is so statuesque and just so lovely, I didn’t want the session to end.

We had a grand time with Joan and her son Max, and I only hope that these images can truly show how beautiful this woman is.

Thanks Joan and Max, we hope you had a nice time with us and we hope even more that you enjoy the images we captured for you.




























8 Responses to “Joan and Max – MPH Photography – Toronto May 2013”

  1. Nikki Varganyi Says:

    Wow this look great! Great job:)

  2. Elenora Says:

    He’s handsome; she’s gorgeous. Wonderful smiles! A nice variety of great pictures. 🙂

  3. Janice Says:

    these are fabulous!

  4. EIleen Says:

    Wow. These pictures make two already attractive people look even more so. They’re wonderful.

  5. guy whitfield Says:

    Great pic’s and they look even better in person!!

  6. Ria Says:

    Woohoo, absolutely gorgeous! I know who I will be calling for photographs in the future. What stunning photographs, what stunning subjects!

  7. Valerie Hussey Says:

    These are simply wonderful. Natural. Beautiful. And they capture a lovely energy between mother and son, who just happen to look very much alike.

  8. sandra Says:

    She is beautiful.. Great pictures. I LOVE her hair. You absolutely captured her beauty both inside and out!

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