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Great Wolf Lodge – Niagara Falls Ontario

Monday, December 10th, 2012

We told our boys that we were going to take a long drive to see an old friend and with that we got in the car and drove to Niagara falls, and as we got closer to our destination, I kept getting more and more excited. What the boys didn’t know was that we were on our way to Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara falls. As we got closer, I started to explain to them that we had told them a little lie and we weren’t actually going to go see an old friend and at this point I told them to close their eyes and when they opened them they would get a big surprise! When they opened their eyes and realized where we were, they started screaming and squealing and smiling and they couldn’t contain themselves from their joy.  I had begun recording on our video camera, only to realize shortly after that I didn’t actually pressed record, ugh. But I did manage to capture their reaction as we pulled up and parked the car, and you can see it here and a bit more of us walking into the lodge here

To say that we had fun, is an understatement, from the room to the swimming and magi quest and all the fun things they could see and do, the boys had the best time of their lives. They just loved it there and I think if they could live there all year round they would,lol.

The boys loved that they had their own separate section to sleep in called the wolf den, and it had a bunk bed and their own tv and game console,  it was like having a room within the room, and even though they have a bunkbed at home, they loved the one at GWL and were very excited.

The staff were friendly and helpful and the place was awesome, the water park was huge and not only did it have tons of waterslides and multiple pools but it had 3 jacuzzi’s, and 2 of them were just for the adults and one was located outdoors, so even though it was getting cold out and we couldn’t do anything outdoors, we had a lovely jacuzzi to get into and enjoy. They spent hours playing magi quest, and kept going back to play it again and again and to continue their quest as there were many levels to this game.  The food and the entertainment was great, nightly pajama parties with a bedtime story being read to the kids and lots of activities to check out and lots to shop at the store and a great dessert station by the pool and yummy pina colada’s for the parents,lol, and there’s even a kids spa there which we didn’t have time to check out but I’m sure if we go back when Elizabeth is older she’ll want to get her nails done with mommy there,lol.  You can definitely spend alot of money at GWL,lol. I knew to bring snacks with us, but I kept seeing people bringing huge coolers and I figured out by the end of our stay that that was a smart idea, as to try and save a few bucks. It was an expensive trip but the smiles on our boys’ faces was worth it. I know this is a little vacation that they will remember always and so will we. We can’t wait until we go back again.

Here are some pics from our time there.


Great Wolf Lodge


Great wolf lodge - room


Great wolf lodge - waterpark


Great wolf lodge - pool




Great wolf lodge - chair