Mahtab’s family

We had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful family this past weekend for their session, and it was perfect weather and a great location and we really couldn’t ask for anything more. We tried several times to set up a session for Mahtab and her family but for several reasons we had to keep postponing it. I’m so happy that everything finally came together and we got to meet and photograph this lovely family.

Their little boy reminds me so much of our son Nikolaos, both have their two front teeth missing and both have tons of energy and so friendly and both love to talk,lol. We felt right at home and really enjoyed our time with them.

They chose to go to the guild as it was their first time there and you can never see the whole place in one day, its so huge, and so much to see and I told them to go back and spend the day just walking around, and hope they do, its a great way to spend family time together. We used to go there alot when the boys were  young, next time we have to take the boys and our little girl as well.

During our session, we met the cutest little dog named Lulu, she was so adorable, and I think if and when we get a dog, we’d love one just like this one. We almost took this little Pomeranian home with us, but the owner wouldn’t give her to us,lol but she did let us take a few pics of her and how could I resist, I put Lulu in Ryan’s arms and took the shot, and the two of them look so so cute together.

We are so glad we got to meet you and your family Mahtab, thanks for being so sweet and nice and wonderful to work with. We had a lovely time photographing you all and we hope you enjoy your sneak peek.



















32 Responses to “Mahtab’s family”

  1. Lee Says:

    Great Pics. Great Lighting. Great Nature.

  2. Maziyar B Says:

    A great family, lovely photographs, wonderful sceneries, a talented photographer. Cheers, MB

  3. Lina Says:

    Love the pictures! Lovely family and great scenery! God bless you all!

  4. Carrie Says:

    Awesome photos Mahtab, the colours are fabulous! Cutest picture goes to Ryan (it was a close tie with Lulu but I have to give it to him!)

  5. Bo Says:

    Gorgeous! Beautiful family MashaAllah. Great photographer.

  6. Cynthia Says:

    These photos are really beautiful. Just like something out of a classy magazine. I really like them.

  7. Sepideh Says:

    I liked the pictures, nice & bright!!

    Keep up the good work.

  8. MARYAM Says:


  9. Marjan Says:

    Beautiful pics… good looking family
    Love you all

  10. Morvarid Says:

    Beautiful pics and glamorous light, I Love all of them but 7 and 8 are one of a kind…
    Be happy guys for ever as like as the feeling which comes up from your nice pics

  11. sahar Says:

    lovely family , lovely nature , lovely photographer 🙂
    I Like all of them butI love No 3,4 & 7 so much and No 12 is special one.

  12. rustin Says:

    This is Ryan’s friend. I love No. 14. Ryan you are awesome!

  13. Paria Says:

    Absolutely LOVE all of them. Nice colors, nice poses and beautiful family.

  14. Mary Says:

    Mahtab, these photos are gorgeous. The photographer did a terrific job. You all look great and the colors are so vibrant! Great locale, too.

  15. Kian Says:

    Just beautiful, I love all these pictures.

  16. Hilda Says:

    Mahtab jan, I love all the pictures. You all look gorgeous, lovely nature and beautiful poses. The photographer did a great job!!

  17. Shahram Says:

    Very nice photos. For one second I felt you are all here.
    I like these photos better than the others: (personal idea)
    1998bw – 2075 – 2105liq – ryan leaves- 2515
    have fun

  18. Vince Says:

    Nice pictures! Beautiful family!

  19. baharan Says:

    i really liked the photoes veryyy much, so emotinal …

  20. Mahshid Says:

    I love photography and i love Mahtab and the pictures are beautifully. particularly the photo no. 2115. All the photos are gorgeous.

  21. floria Says:

    Its really marvelous as well as the family.

  22. Farshid Says:

    Liked them all, all of them are very lively.
    My favorite though is the one without Ryan 😛 don’t get me wrong i have nothing against him, i just liked the romantic one more than others.

  23. kami Says:

    Your photos are amazing .We missed you

  24. Maryam J. Says:

    I enjoyed looking at all the pictures. Love you! A big thanks to Manuella for all her live shots. For a couple of minutes I felt I was with Mahtab, Shahin and Ryan joonam.

  25. Kombiz Says:

    I love the pictures and awesome looking family. Can your photographer travel to work?

  26. majid mojabi Says:

    You are all good looking! Ryan has grown up so much!

  27. sanaz Says:

    I love all of the pictures and also the nature is great 🙂

  28. kian Says:

    Big Like . all of the pictures are alive .

  29. shariar Says:

    Wow , Very nice pictures , Fantastic , the pictures showes the family happines . Seems very professional photgrapher could picture the feelings

  30. Sam Says:

    Love you all.
    p.s: Mahtab is so beautiful.

  31. Amir.H.Moghaddami Says:

    besiar aks haye zibaei bood , omidvaram hamishe shad va khosh hal bashid.

  32. Neda Says:

    all of them is awsome,
    miss you all.

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