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Our baby girl!!

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

I wanted to make this post a while ago but its taken a while to get used to things as our world changed on Sunday April 29th at 2:08am,  when our 3rd precious child was born. Our little girl came with some drama, as I felt I was in labour for 2 weeks prior to giving birth and daily I thought and felt that she was going to make her entrance, but she wanted to make us wait a bit and make a grand entrance. Saturday the 28th, my contractions that I had been feeling on and off for 2 weeks finally got stronger and closer and my midwife thought we should go into the hospital as it looked like baby girl was on her way.

We went in early that morning and stayed for what seemed like forever and instead of my contractions getting closer together, they were getting farther apart, and after a couple of dips in the jacuzzi and walks around the hospital floor, we had to make a decision on wether to induce and get things going or to go home and wait. As I really didn’t want to get an epidural and my goal was to do this naturally we opted to go home and wait. We got home early afternoon and waited and waited, and around 11pm that night, the contractions were starting to hurt alot more and I couldn’t take the pain and so I called my midwife and she was just finishing with the other lady that was in the room beside me giving birth as well. The contractions were all over the place though, 5 mins, 7 mins 9 mins apart and my midwife said it didn’t sound like I was in active labour yet but she would come by my home and check on me. I waited and then around 1am, I was in so much pain that I called her again and the contractions were not consistent but the midwife said she would come by. As soon as I hung up the phone the urge to go to the bathroom happened and as I got to the bathroom I felt the urge to push, and the pain was indescribable, and I could barely move. I could hardly call out for my hubby and when he came he saw that I was up against a wall and couldn’t move. I told him to put towels on the bed and he tried to get me to lay down but I was glued to the wall. He pried my fingers off the wall and basically carried me to the bed and just then the midwife got there, and she proceeds to check me and says we have to go to the hospital as I was 8 cm dilated. There was no way I was moving, I couldn’t, the pain was too intense and I just had to push, and as the midwife didn’t think I was going to go into labour she had left her things in the car and told my hubby to call 911 and to go get her bag and whatever else out of the car. After he called 911, he left and that’s when I couldn’t hold it in any longer, and began to push, one big push and our baby girl came into this world. That’s when hubby got back and then the paramedics came and our 2nd midwife and it was such a happy occasion and everyone was wishing her a happy birthday and I held her in my arms and was just so happy that she was finally here.

Elizabeth Jacqueline was born weighing in at 7lbs 4oz and I couldn’t believe I had her at home. A gift from God, and after 2 boys to have a girl, we felt our family was now complete and we felt so blessed. From the day she was born, she’s been an angel, just about the perfect baby anyone could ask for, she sleeps well and eats well, but I did have some issues and for the first two weeks I felt I lived in a haze, and with barely any sleep in those days, I felt like a walking zombie and every bone in my body ached. It was difficult for me to adjust and although I had done this twice before, this time was different and although I was happy, I had tons of anxiety as well. For some reason I was always anxious and worried about everything and couldn’t sleep even when she did and had no appetite and just felt totally overwhelmed for the first couple of weeks. Hubby and the boys tried to help and so did a good friend and an awesome lactation consultant Helen and with time and patience and prayer, thankfully things got better.

With what I was going through I couldn’t even think about picking up the camera and doing a newborn session with her, so I didn’t even attempt it. I know I will always regret that, but I just couldn’t and I know that I will take millions of pics of our sweet little girl as she grows so hopefully that will make up for it.

She’s now almost 11 weeks old, and we have settled in and I can’t tell you how much in love I am with our little girl. I think she makes me love our boys more too as she reminds me so much of them as babies, especially her oldest brother George as she looks alot like him when he was a baby. She’s almost doubled her weight already, as she’s 13 lbs now and she’s the happiest and sweetest little thing and is always smiling. She’s even started to giggle and I can’t help but want to eat her up everyday.

My heart is full of love and I’m loving being a mommy of 3 and so looking forward to watching the 3 of them grow up together, the boys love her already and I know she’ll be looking up to both of them and she will always be able to depend on her brothers. I know the 3 of them will fight but I can also see how much they love her and how much she loves them, as she gazes at there and smiles and loves it when they hold her. She’s already daddy’s little girl, she has both wrapped around her little finger already and we are such proud parents. I thank God for my children and am feeling like the happiest mommy in the world.

I don’t have many newborn images of Elizabeth but here are a few of the shots I have managed to take and just know there will be more to come.


George holding his baby sistern for the first time.


Nikolaos holding his baby sister for the first time.








Looking at her big brother Nik.

Looking at her big brother George.