Headshot session – MPH Photography – Toronto

We met the most loveliest woman the other day and she is so full of life and happiness and such a joy to work with. Nancy wanted some new headshots of herself and we set up a session and had a wonderful time.

It was a pretty warm day out and we could have almost done this session outdoors, this year we’ve had a mild winter, and its been so nice. We talked about going outdoors and decided that when Nancy comes back with her daughters to do another session then we’ll plan it for outdoors, as nothing compares to doing a session outdoors with nature as your backdrop.

Indoors or out, she rocked the session and came ready and was a wonderful model for us. We laughed most of the time and before we knew the session was over, time flies when you are having fun.

Thanks for coming by Nancy, hope you had as much fun as we did, you are a sweetheart and it was a pleasure meeting you. Looking forward to doing another session with you and your daughters.

Enjoy the sneak peek.









15 Responses to “Headshot session – MPH Photography – Toronto”

  1. Catherine Visicale Says:

    I need to look good to. A new year and new Catherine!!

  2. Linda Lundstrom Says:

    I love the black and white one second one down…for a more corporate look. I also like the third one where you are looking up into the camera. What a babe!!

  3. Linda Lundstrom Says:

    Wait!! The jean jacket one is cool too!

  4. Jan van Velzen Says:

    I love the 4th shot, the dragon fly brooch is lovely, and the colours really bring out your eyes. And the jean jacket one is great!

  5. Maggie Says:

    These are fantastic I especially love the fourth one down! So polished and pretty!

  6. Summer Says:

    She is so pretty! She is going to love them!

  7. Jo-Ann Silverstein Says:

    Nancy you totally aced the session! 1. black dress for corporate shot 2. The “blue dress with the earrings and the dragonfly is magic” !!! 3. Nance, the soft green feathers steel the show ! 4. The jean shot definitely is a keeper too! I am no help at all ! I love all of them ! Close your eyes and choose, you can’t go wrong. Love you. Jo

  8. Fran Richardson Says:

    Definitely the jean jacket one – brings out that vibrant personality.

  9. Renee Whiting Says:

    What a beautiful woman and her sense of style is fun yet classy! These are beautiful!

  10. Aneesa Says:

    You are stunning…as are all the pictures! My two most favourites would be 1) Jean jacket and 2) last one with the blazer. If you can only choose one, I suppose it would be most suitable to use the “blazer shot” since your purpose is to find the most appropriate for your website.

  11. Margaret-Ann Says:

    All are stunning! Particularly like the third one wearing the blue blazer, where you are looking up, the last one wearing the black blazer, and of course – the jean jacket, for sure… you look so youthful!

  12. Tyjuana Says:

    All of the are fantastic but the one in the green top is my favorite!

  13. Angela Says:

    Nancy, you look beautiful in these photographs – what a woman! I particularly love #3 in the turquiose jacket, loking up. It brings out a beautiful tone in your skin, and your eyes!! Number 5 is lovely too in the green jacket with the feathers but not quite as gorgeous as #3. I like the jean jacket one a lot as well but there is something different about your hair that is not quite as nice as the others.

  14. Karen Mock Says:

    WOW!! I like the 4th one down in turquoise, AND the jeans jacket, AND the last one — all for different reasons! Can you use different ones for different purposes? Great looks. Great looker 🙂 :-)!

  15. Khalid Usman Says:

    i like the one in green and the one in Black(Last one) the two photographs i like the best are #2274 in green dress and #2480 last one in Black dress.

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