Danielle & David’s engagement session – MPH Photography – Toronto

I have known Danielle for years, and had the pleasure of photographing her with her niece years ago and then I also photographed her sister as well, so I was more than thrilled when she contacted me and asked me to photograph her wedding in June.

Besides being beautiful inside and out, Danielle is a cute and sweet and funny girl and her and David are so adorable together and we had so much fun during their e-session. We had to postpone it a couple of times due to wether and then when we finally met, it wasn’t the best weather as it was wet snow that kept falling, but eventually it stopped and the sun even came out at the end.

We drove around downtown Toronto and stopped at a few spots and we had so much fun. At the end we went to a new skating rink with the skyline as the background and it was beautiful, even though the ice rink wasn’t skatable it was still pretty and we made the best of it and Danielle even wore heels on the ice.

These two are so wonderful and I can’t wait for their big day in June, I know it will be an amazing wedding.

Thanks again Danielle and David, we had such a wonderful time with you and are so looking forward to your wedding day, but for now we hope you enjoy the sneak peek from your e-session.

p.s.  I may have to add some more images soon as there were just so many that I loved… 🙂























43 Responses to “Danielle & David’s engagement session – MPH Photography – Toronto”

  1. Danielle L Says:

    I had a blast taking these photos and they turned out great! Manuella you are so creative and passionate, I love all your work. Thanks so much for helping us to capture these special moments.


  2. Gina Says:

    Oh my, it’s so hard not to get emotional when I look at these beautiful pics. First, Danielle’s like a sister to me and I am do thrilled for her and Dave. Secondly, Manuella, you are a dear friend and your work is really amazing. Such creative shots and so much fun! Love you girls!

  3. Michelle Crogie Says:

    Your pictures are beautiful!

  4. Sherry M Says:

    Wow…so many beautiful shots…I think the hockey sweater photos are my favourite…so natural.

  5. Lisa Gomes Says:

    Love the pics. Danielle & Dave look great in their hockey jerseys, very creative. Beautiful pictures!

  6. Robyn Turner Says:

    These pics are so great! I can’t believe how much you look like Grams in some of these shots.

  7. Elise Says:

    I love all of these!! Xoxox

  8. Marisa Di Says:

    WOW…pretty glam.
    Not that you’re not glam everyday…;))
    Looking forward to seeing your wedding shots

  9. Dan Legrow Says:

    Danielle , you look like a model. Lana and i enjoyed the pics , Dave looks cold .Keep him warm Uncle Danny

  10. Sue Legrow Says:

    I love the pics! Love your creativity with settings and staging. So casual, and fun yet elegant at the same time. Of course I have watched one of the subjects grow from a little babe into a gorgeous young miss! (only an Ant can say that.) My fave? I pick the one with the letters.

  11. Dagmar L Says:

    Awesome pics! So creative and fun. Love the hockey theme.

  12. Dad Bates Says:

    Ha, these are great!

  13. Sharron Turner Says:

    What wonderful pictures. I love the city in the winter and you and Dave really captured all the fun.
    Danielle you look absolutely beautiful.
    Love Aunt Sharron

  14. Jon Says:

    Great pics!

  15. Dave Bates Says:

    Had a great time on the shoot…thanks! next time warmer weather though huh?

  16. Brian Kennedy Says:

    Hey beauties
    I’m not sure if this is a voting process but I believe in democracy and I’d like to vote for the picture on the rock or the one with the foggy CN tower in the backgroud

    “your love keeps lifting me higher”

  17. Kevin Thomas Says:

    Congrats on your Engagement……..Great Pics!!!!

  18. Matt Romer Says:

    Photos look awesome Davey. Congrats to both of you!

  19. Azura Says:

    Awesome pictures!!! The sugar beach ones are great – all of them really! Love it!
    YAY 🙂

  20. Ewan Geddes Says:

    Great shots you guys. Isn’t it amazing what’s happening!

  21. Jesse FG Says:

    Great Pictures Dave!

  22. Diane DaSilva Says:

    The pictures are beautiful…hard to pick just one. I really like the 6th picture (black and white – close up shot). The hockey pics are great too!

  23. Heather Donald Says:

    Congratulations from Alex and I!!! Beautiful pics! Love the shot with the CN Tower behind you!!!

  24. Pynn Says:

    Awesome pictures guys!
    I never knew Batesy was so photogenic 😉 .. Ya handsome bugger!


  25. Strap Says:

    Great shoot….

    You both look awesome but Danielle in that shade of blue looks fantastic!
    I like the last three photos for the ‘you guys’ factor but can’t help thinking
    about the rusted old bridge with the yellow center line divide.
    It’s also a good shot and could be a metaphor…


  26. Nick Pierre Says:

    Good lookin’ couple! I like the black & white close up – a great shot of the both of you!

  27. Jenny Says:

    My fav is Dave in the pink blanket. I don’t think you’ll live that one down. Great pics.

  28. Megan gottfried Says:

    You guys look fantastic 🙂 Beautiful

  29. Adonis Says:

    WOW ! .. Absolutely Beautiful … really .. WOW !

  30. Alex de Almeida Says:

    Amazing pictures! Great job! Congrats. Me and Heather are very happy for you both.

  31. Shane M Says:

    Great photos…too bad those hockey jerseys weren’t actually TML.

  32. Uncle Lynn Says:

    Super pictures. You guys look great! Love the locale.

  33. Shawn Mac Says:

    Great pics! Dave get use to carrying Danielle on your back!
    Love the hockey pics!
    I’ve saved the date!

  34. Perry Says:

    Great images! That’s a happy looking man, and for good reason!

  35. Julia Pomper Says:

    Ahhhh so amazing! Very Toronto, very Canadian, and a very happy couple 🙂 You two look are fantastic!

  36. Lucy Gomes Says:

    The photos look amazing! You both look great! Congrats! xoxo

  37. Tyler Says:

    Great pics guys! I knew you had it in ya Batesy! D you are one lucky women… Look at that handsome devil. Haha!

  38. Emilia Says:

    I love these pics you guys look so happy together. Congrats!

  39. Tanya V Says:

    Wow, the pics look amazing, can’t wait to see them all! <3

  40. Aunt Nona Says:

    Just saw your fabulous photos and really enjoyed them! They are all so creative and unique, my favourite one is of you both on the ice with the hockey sticks ready to play. Congrats again!!!!

  41. Cousin Grant Says:

    Congratulations on your engagement. The first seven shots, the rock scene, and the pink umbrellas shot all deserve exceptional praise. Looking forward to the wedding photos.

  42. Kendra Says:

    Beautiful photos. Great lighting and use of colour, and Danielle looks especially gorgeous! (And certainly brave to wear heels out in all that snow and slushy ice!) Wish you guys all the best.

  43. Mike & Gini Savich Says:

    These are great pictures, wishing you happiness,forever love and congratulations on your engagement.

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