Natalia and her mom – MPH Photography – Toronto

Lately, I’ve had a couple of mother daughter sessions and I have to say I love doing them. It’s so nice to capture a mother and daughter loving each other and loving life and immortalizing that forever on print. Nothing could be better than a day with mom, and then having the pictures to look back upon years later is a treasure in my books. All I know is that these types of sessions has made me want to do one for me and my mom, and I also think its a great way of telling mom how much you love her, and a small thank you for always being there and loving us unconditionally.

I met up with these two lovely ladies on a very windy morning and yet they didn’t let that stop them, they were determined to have fun and enjoy their surroundings. Natalia moved here a few years ago and her mother Marina came for a visit from Russia, she didn’t speak any english, but we got along wonderfully despite it.

We had such a nice time together and Marina’s expression after seeing a few shots that I took of her daughter Natalia was priceless, you could tell how proud Marina is of her daughter.  I loved capturing their relationship on film, it was fun to watch them talk and just be with each other.

I hope that you enjoy your sneak peek ladies, it was great meeting you both and watching you interact with each other, I had so much fun with you ladies, and Marina I hope you enjoy the rest of your stay here in Toronto and I wish you a safe trip back to Russia and I hope you come back soon.

















4 Responses to “Natalia and her mom – MPH Photography – Toronto”

  1. Amy Dungan Says:

    These are beautiful! I really love that second one. It just draws me in!

  2. Dawn Says:

    They will treasure these I am sure! Great work!

  3. Summer Says:

    Mother – Daughter shoots are such a great idea! A way to get all dolled up & capture some awesome memories! These are great! Nice job!

  4. Renee Whiting Says:

    I adore the second one, but I love it when Mom starts to get a little more sassy! You can tell she loosed up and really had fun. These are beautiful!! silhouette shot is really cute too, I’m trying to imagine that of me and my three girls.haha, I think my girls would look much better from the backside, but dang, this Mama looks great!!!

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