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Nikki’s Family – MPH Photography – Toronto

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Nikki has been my go to cake lady for a while now. Wether its for a birthday, a shower, an anniversary, she outdoes herself every time and each cake is more spectacular than the last. She is definitely an artist and takes such time and such care with each cake, she’s magical at what she does, and her artistry and passion for making beautiful cakes is simply amazing, and I for one appreciate and just love her work. The detail she puts in every cake is incredible and leaves everyone’s mouths left wide open in amazement. If you want an amazing cake that your family and friends will never forget, then go to Nikki from Krazy Kakes, and I recommend the caramel filling, its one of our faves.

I finally had the chance to photograph Nikki and her family and I knew she was nervous but within minutes I think we showed her and Adam and the girls just how much fun a photo shoot can actually be and definitely nothing to be nervous about. We spent a lovely afternoon at High park and it was the perfect day out, one of the last few days before the cold crisp air gets here. There were beautiful colours everywhere and although I know Nikki loves black and white, I can’t help but show most of these in colour, you’ll see why below.

Nikki and Adam and Cassie and Jessica, thanks for being so much fun, it was a lovely session and I hope you enjoy your sneak peek.













I have to add here, that there is a squirrel beside Adam’s head, I could have taken him out of the shot in PS but I thought he was cute. Looking at it again, it almost looks as if the squirrel is taking a little bite out of Adam’s head,lol.







Big Announcement!!! MPH Photography – Toronto

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

We have so many reasons to celebrate and this is my post to do it in and I just want to share our good news with everyone, and we are just so blessed and feel so grateful and so happy and I just feel like bursting,lol.

Where do I start, first I was going to write this post eventually but then I read a fellow photographer’s Jasmine Star’s blog (like I usually do) and was inspired even more.  She posted a pic of her and JD at his prom, and then it reminded me that my highschool sweetheart and I not only went to the prom together like Jasmine and JD did, but then we got married (about a gazillion years later) like Jasmine and JD did as well,lol. So I thought, posting  a picture of dh and I at prom when we were still wet behind the ears would be a great way to start this post, especially because we just celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary this past Sunday, September 18.


We met at the tender age of 12 at Flemmingdon park Pentecostal church and although we didn’t really start officially dating til we were 17, he was the first one I held hands with and went to a party with and snuck around with (don’t tell my mom). My mom didn’t want me dating til I was 30 (another thing I have in common with Jasmine) and she wasn’t thrilled when dh and I started dating and she forbid me to see him at one point and tried to bribe me not to see him, or threaten me, she did everything she could as I was only 17. It took her about 10 years for her to accept and actually like him and then when we finally told her we were getting married, she was one of the happiest woman on this earth, and she helped me plan every last detail of our wedding.  Here is a picture of us at our wedding.

Then we had our precious boys, George born in 2003 and Nik born in 2006 and our lives were complete. I turned 40 on September the 9th  and a few days before that we found out the wonderful news that we are pregnant with our 3rd, so as you can see we have so many reasons to celebrate and be grateful for. We are due on  May 2nd, and our 2nd was born on May 3rd, so he gets a baby brother or sister for his birthday present,lol. We had the boys do a little scavenger hunt to find out that their is a baby on the way, and boy were they excited when they found out the news. Nik wants a girl, and George wants a boy (because dh’s brother and sil have 3 girls, so if we have 3 boys it would be a perfect balance,lol) and I’m happy with whichever God wants to bless us with, as long as this little one is healthy, that’s all I care about.

What does this mean for my business, well, I can’t let myself be as crazy busy as I have been, this past summer was packed solid with sessions, and I’m still pretty much fully booked until November and I know when baby gets here, I may just have to take a little time off and may have to limit my sessions as well. So……..  if you want to book a session with me next year, book it now as I will only be scheduling a few sessions next summer, and will not be able to fit everyone in, so book now, to avoid any disappointment.  I know its early, but I can’t tell you how many people have called this summer and have been disappointed that there was nothing available to them to book, so don’t wait. Book now!!!!!




Susan’s Maternity session – MPH Photography – Toronto

Monday, September 12th, 2011

I met Susan when I did headshots for verity club members and staff and she was so cute and nice and when she told me she was pregnant and wanted to do a maternity session I got very excited as I love photographing women during this special times in their lives.

We met at a beautiful park in Mississauga and had so many beautiful spots to take pictures in and although it was a pretty hot day, we managed to stay in the shade and get some great captures and at the end we told them to get into a little stream that we found in the park and I think that was the best part as they got to cool off a bit,lol.

They are expecting a little girl, a future hockey player, so we had to do a shot or two with the skates and hockey stick that were bought for this little girl and in a matter of a few weeks this little precious soul will be here and I get to go meet her and do a newborn session with her.

For now, here is the sneak peek from this session. Thanks guys for making it a fun time and we can’t wait to meet your little girl in a few weeks.






















Melissa & Aaron Engagement session – MPH Photography – Toronto

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

I have a long history with this bride to be. Her mother was one of my very first clients and the session was held at Dundurn Castle in Hamilton and it was and always will be one of my most favourite sessions ever. I met 4 lovely ladies that day, the youngest one Lily, stole my heart. Her older sister Mel was a cute and funny girl and I just fell in love with all of them.

I have done several sessions for them and this one was very special as Melissa is now older and engaged to her love and I was honoured and thrilled that they asked me to capture this special time in their lives.

It’s a funny story though as Aaron was planning a surprise proposal for Mel and had enlisted my help and I was all too excited to lend a helping hand. I was planning a photo shoot and Mel had emailed me with interest in being the model for this shoot and that’s when Aaron thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to propose to her, so he met me earlier that day to give me the 2 cards that he had lovingly made for Mel asking her to marry him with the plan that he was to drive her to the shoot happening that evening and as she was modelling for me, he would come up through the fountains and propose while we held up the cards. Well it started to rain as we got to the fountains in downtown Toronto at Dundas square, but there was still lots of people around and as I was waiting for everyone to show up, I kept thinking they wouldn’t see me. It kept getting later and later and the rain started coming down more when all of a sudden I got a text that Melissa wasn’t coming, she got cold feet and didn’t want to model in front of everyone around. I was crushed!!! If I could only see her, I would convince her to stay but she was in the car and there was no way for me to get a hold of her and convince her to do the shoot. Needless to say I was devastated and was so looking forward to this.  I found out later that he did propose to Mel, and she said yes and both were very happy so that’s all that mattered.

In the end though, it actually worked out as we set up another session with just the two of them at one of their favourite spots and it ended up being such an awesome session.

We met at Webster falls in Hamilton and I was not prepared for the terrain and I thought I had brought my running shoes but they weren’t in the trunk when I checked and I was forced to wear my sandals and let me just say that I’m so thankful that I did not slip or fall once. It was pretty treacherous but beautiful and well worth the steep climb down and then back up again. The waterfalls are gorgeous and it was a great place for a session, we had so much fun there and we really captured some beautiful shots of these two kids. You could see the love between them and it was so sweet and touching and I know their wedding day is going to be a really amazing day.

Thanks so much guys for hiring us to capture this momentous time in your lives and we absolutely can’t wait for your special day. Love you guys!!























Namita’s Family – MPH Photography – Toronto

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

3 little girls in white dresses at the beach, what could be more perfect?

I met Namita and her family on what seemed to be the perfect day, nice and warm out and not too hot and it was great especially since we had to postpone our session a couple of times this year due to the weather, so it worked out well.

Their 3 little girls, are sooo cute and adorable and we had a very nice time together.

Namita and Himmat it was a pleasure meeting you and your family and thanks for being so patient and nice about changing dates a few times.  I think it was worth it and I hope you enjoy your sneak peek.