Shameela’s Family – MPH Photography – Toronto

They were calling for a storm but thankfully it didn’t hit Newmarket where we did this family session. It was a bit grey out and we had a bit of light rain on and off but it was nothing like what hit in Toronto. On the way back we saw floods, tons of trees down and lights out all over the place. Even our oldest (whose 8) called us worried that we were caught in the storm, I assured him we weren’t and then it totally cleared up after that, which was great for us as we had another shoot to do later that day.

Shameela’s family is so sweet, we were welcomed with open arms, and their youngest boy Deen, just gave me the biggest hug with the biggest smile, I didn’t want to let him go, and really all 4 children were so well behaved and so wonderful to photograph.

We had to work quickly though as we could see the dark skies closing in and it did start to rain more towards the end of the session. It worked out well though, and we got to meet this beautiful family and we had a really nice time with them, having fun, blowing bubbles and enjoying their backyard.

It was definitely a pleasure photographing your family Shameela, thank you for allowing us into your beautiful home and photographing your wonderful family,  and thanks for the piece of cake (my weekness) as well,  we hope you enjoy the sneak peek.



















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    Wonderful photos!

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