Our cottage – MPH Photography – Toronto

For years my husband has been looking and talking about purchasing a cottage,  a place away from the city with a little beach so that the boys can run around and swim and have fun at. Well, I’m happy to say that we found that place this year and in May we purchased it and we have had the most fun this summer and I tear up thinking of all the memories we have created just from one short season.

For years to come we’ll be roasting marshmallows and swimming in the river as well as fishing and bbqing and inviting friends up to enjoy a day or two away from all the hustle and bustle. It’s located near Campbellford, on the crowe river and we can’t wait to pack up our stuff almost every other weekend and head out to the cottage. I even had to reschedule a few sessions to get a few more weeks worth of going to the cottage, the summer goes by so fast and this is the busy time of year with sessions, so it was quite hard figuring out when we could go. I’m wishing we bought a cottage years ago but the boys are still young and I think this was the best year of their lives so far. I’m so looking forward to many more years of enjoying cottage life and building beautiful memories with my family there.

Besides our little beach, that happens to be quite shallow for the most part and nice and warm in the summer, we found a gorgeous new spot just minutes away and it has miniature falls along with a calm little area to swim in above the falls, its just the most awesome place. The boys fell in love and so did our guests and I’m so glad I brought the camera up to take some pics of this place and the time we spent together.  I could barely wait to put up some pics, but it took me a long time to go through them all,lol. So here is our cottage, we went up with a few close friends and we fished, swam, had a foam party and ate like kings and really had such a wonderful time. We are actually sad that its already August and realistically we can only go up a few more times, and I’m already planning next year’s itinerary for the summer months,lol.

Here’s a few images from our home away from home.

Crowe river bridge park mini falls


Foam party

Our beautiful sign

































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  1. Helen Says:

    It looks wonderful Mani…here’s to years of wonderful times and beautiful photos to record it 🙂

  2. Sandra Says:

    Beautiful pictures.

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