Maureen and Ervin and their boys – MPH Photography – Toronto

When Maureen and Ervin first contacted me and set up this family session, they told me their sons, Nicholas 17 and Andrew 14 would also join them in the session and that’s when panic set in. I have photographed every age and both male and female, but never 2 teenage boys together. Now, I have 2 boys of my own, 8 and 5 and so I’m no stranger to boys but I wasn’t sure how I was going to photograph these two youngens. What poses do I put them in that is cool and that they will like, and will they behave, or just not want to be there at all. How was I going to get them to have fun?

I worried for nothing because when I met this family and their boys, I was totally taken by surprised to see two very mature and polite boys. The whole family was nice, and such a pleasure to photograph. They were very well dressed and even though it was boiling hot out, they managed to smile through every shot. We really had a lovely time, and the boys had me laughing more than once and it was a wonderful session.

I realized that my boys have the same age difference and in a few years from now, they will be the ones that are going into highschool and then graduating and when the time comes for my family to get a session done, I hope its jut like that one I did for Maureen and Ervin and their boys.

To the Herold family, thanks again for coming out in the heat and for being so wonderful to work it. We hope you enjoy your sneak peek and hope you also have a wonderful summer.






























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  1. Maureen’s family – MPH Photography – Toronto | MPH Photography Says:

    […] I love repeat clients and I was so happy to see Maureen and Ervin and their boys Nicholas and Andrew again. It’s been a few years since I’ve photographed them and the boys were tall then but now they are like skyscrapers,lol. This is their sneak peek from 3 years ago […]

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