Kristina & Mark’s engagement session – MPH Photography – Toronto

Hot, is the only way I can describe this session. Two, young people in love and oh so cute together, it was so lovely to see and capture these two cuties.

Originally we were going to meet at St. Lawrence market but then it was decided to go to Kensington market and I haven’t done a session there yet, so I was totally in and really excited.

We almost melted into the sidewalk due to the heat, but nothing stopped these two from having fun and that’s what its all about. It was great to see the love that these two share. Kristina and Mark were so much fun and Kensington was a perfect location for this session. We had wanted to end it in a little park nearby thinking there was a little wading pool, but unfortunately it was dry when we got there, but that didnt stop them, they got on the see saw and then the swings and weren’t fazed at all, I was disappointed that there was no water, and no cute shots of these two having fun in the kiddie pool, splashing and such but they made up for it by having fun in the park and having me capture it all.

There were so many images that I love, but here are just a few of my faves.

Thanks so much Kristina and Mark, your love touched my heart and I wish you both nothing but the best. Enjoy your sneak peek.






































35 Responses to “Kristina & Mark’s engagement session – MPH Photography – Toronto”

  1. Kristina Says:

    Thank you so much Manuella! We had a ton of fun taking these pictures.
    I’m so glad my mom got us the shoot as an engagement present!

  2. Caitlin Says:

    Kristina and Mark I love these photos! So proud to be part of this wedding, love you both!

  3. Rosie Says:

    The pictures are beautiful!

  4. maria minnella Says:

    Love the photo shoot of Kristina and Mark. I’m Kristina’s mom. You captured their personalities perfectly. The colours are so exotic. They look gorgeous together. Thank you.

  5. Kyle Shea Says:

    These pictures are gorgeous! Beautiful couple!

  6. Emily Says:

    Kristina and Mark i love the pictures !!!!

  7. Alyssa Says:


  8. Anna Says:

    These pictures are beautiful! Kristina and Mark, you guys look great!

  9. Francesco Says:


  10. Wanda Says:


  11. sara Says:

    such nice pictures

  12. Stefania Rosso Says:

    OMG……….have u guys considered modeling…… guys look so amazing…..the pics totally capture your fun and crazy personalities….well at least kristinas crazy personality….lol….you guys look amazing together….cant wait for the weeding…for now we will focus on the shower…cant wait till sunday….my youngest girl cousin is getting married… where did the years go…..kristina and mark i am so happy for you guys and i wish you a lifetime filled with happiness, love, success and of course lots of bambina/o’s……xoxoxo love you guys..

  13. Samantha Says:

    These pictures are amazing, I was speechless:)!!!

  14. Franca Mirigliani Says:

    Kri my little cousin you look so beautiful ok you too Mark everything is so perfect. See you Sunday keep smiling 🙂

  15. Carm Says:

    Wow guys, the colours in these photos are amazing!! I can feel the love between the two of you.

  16. Angie Minnella Says:

    These pictures are spectacular and unique. Love them…love you guys!!

  17. Robert Says:

    Love the colours, You guys look great!
    Mark smile alittle– your about to marry a Minnella!

  18. Amanda Says:

    Kristina I love these pictures! They’re so fun and colourful .. They completely capture your personality! I love them!!!! You guys look soo cute!:)

  19. Rosemary Says:

    Wow!! Love your pics. You both look great.

  20. Alexis Says:

    i LOVEE the pictures! you both look greaat! love you guys (L)

  21. Amy Says:

    LOOOVE the pictures!! (L) You two look amazing!

  22. Jan Perin Says:

    Pictures certainly are worth a thousand words. You two look amazing. A great venue for pictures. You two look so happy. All the best in your life together. Love ya .

  23. roberta Says:

    you guys look great!!!!

  24. Serena Says:

    I LOVE that wall.
    These are such great photos.

  25. Brandon Bailey Says:

    Sick pictures, yo.

  26. Caitriona Says:

    Love the photos guys!

  27. kat Says:

    What a lovely couple you two make.

  28. Wanda Says:

    Wow… love the bright colours. These turned out amazing!

  29. Mark Says:

    “My favourite is definitely the one where I am making you laugh.”
    “You mean all of them?”
    “No, the ‘courage my love’ one!”

  30. tro Says:

    love your shirt Mark

  31. Kim Says:


  32. Sandy Says:

    What beautiful photos- they all made me smile!

  33. scott Says:

    I really love the photos, you guys look great!

  34. Dad Says:

    Mark if I was your Grandpa I would say: attsa my boy! Very proud.

  35. GG Says:

    Sooooooo colourful/good lookin’…

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