Family session at the beach – MPH Photography – Toronto

The beach has to be the best location for a session, it just has so many things to offer, and its a great place for the kids and for the parents too.

We met up with Lisa and her family on Sunday morning and it was a perfect day, sunny and hot but a bit of a breeze which kept us cool the whole time.

Both of their kiddos, were gosh darn cute and a little shy but by the time we got to the beach to make a few sand castles they warmed up.

It was a fun session and I could do sessions like this forever, I didn’t want to leave and looking forward to my next family session at the beach.

Lisa, thanks for letting me capture your family and I hope you all had fun and hope you enjoy the sneak peek.















36 Responses to “Family session at the beach – MPH Photography – Toronto”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Manuella – These are FAB – thank you!!! It was a great day & great setting & wonderful working with you – just wish my kids had flashed more of their precious smiles – but there’s always next time 🙂 I love these shots!

  2. Veronica Ma Says:

    Great photos!!!

  3. Christina Sam Says:

    Just beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Sharon Says:

    Great pics of the family, Lisa. Haven’t been to the Bluffs in almost 20 years, I think. Great location!

  5. Violet Archer Says:

    Oh Lisa, What a beautiful family with the photographs so professionally and perfectly captured. If only we got a few smiles off Sarah. She is so serious. Nonetheless cute. You choose a perfect day for this.
    Thank you for sharing with us,
    Love, Yee Ma and Uncle Lok

  6. Renée Liang Says:

    These are very, very precious. Stunning photos! Love the black and white ones. Wow. 🙂

  7. Joan Anthony Says:

    OMG Lisa, the kids are growing up so quickly! Sarah is stunningly beautiful for such a little girl and yes, I would have liked to see a smile on that pretty face! Josh seemed to enjoy every moment on the beach! Lots of love to you all.

  8. Cristina Says:

    Hi Photographer and all…..

    I just thought these photos were really beautiful and perfectly captured, the photographer has a grand vision and each photo was more beautiful than the last. My most favourite being the angel wings surrounding Lisa’s daughter. Thank you for making my day, thank you for the beauty and allowing Lisa to share this with a bunch of her closest friends and family. Lots of love and hope there will be many more moments like this captured, wish we all had days like this every single day!

    Thank You!
    Love and light to all

  9. Jo-Anne Pon Says:

    Just beautiful! Sarah and Joshua are looking so grown up! I love the silhouette shots, love the black and white one of Sarah, and the black and white ones of Lisa and Josh, and Keenan and Sarah. The action shots on the beach are great too! Thanks for sharing with us! xJo

  10. Deborah Yee Says:

    Great pictures!!! You’re right Lisa, Josh and Sarah normally smile a lot more in all pictures, but they’re still adorable and you all look like you had a great time!

  11. Ling Wing Says:

    Wow, what a stunning photos of your family! I loved it!

  12. Charmaine Liang Says:

    Really beautiful pics, memories to treasure for always.

  13. Lisa Says:

    Thanks 4 all the sweet comments! May all your memories & moments also be so beautifully captured!

  14. Linda Says:

    Pics turned out wonderfully, Lisa! So colourful too!

  15. Hongrui Liu Says:

    Very nice. We really wish we could have one girl and one boy like you guys. But maybe it is too later 🙁
    Happy family!

  16. David, Karyn and Shaelyn Says:

    Thanks Lisa for sharing these precious beautiful photos with us! You picked the perfect day and the colours are so fresh and vibrant!!
    I’m sure there will be lots to choose from =D My favorite are the ones that were candid and also some of the black and white ones too!
    Cant wait to see them blown up to a big size framed on your wall =D
    Lovely job!!!

  17. Silvia Castaneda Says:

    Lisa, Thank you for sharing this beautiful pictures with, the 4 of you look great, enjoying so much the beach, I´m so glad that you had a amazing day.

    Love Silvia + Nina

  18. Lily Sun Says:

    Wow, Lisa, these family photos are so beautiful and and professionally taken. I love the one in silhouette! The black & white ones and the one of the whole family walking away from the camera and Sarah turning her face to see what is happening.
    Our smart, elegant, curious and beautiful Sarah who was determined not to smile but nevertheless she looks so demure and angelic.
    Our handsome, creative & happy Joshi They are so Precious, enjoy them Keenan & Lisa, God has truly blessed you.

  19. Florencia Says:

    Beautiful pictures, Lisa! Can’t believe how big they are now and of course you look great too!!!:)

  20. Cathy Says:

    What lovely photos & a perfect setting… wonderfully captured!!!
    Thanks for sharing… looking forward to the next location 🙂

  21. Monique Says:

    Those are wonderful pictures! Thank you for sharing with us.

    More importantly, they’re of a wonderful family. The kids are growing so fast but are as cute as ever. May God bless you all!

  22. Yee Ma Says:

    Hey! Short of the white dress, she really looks like an angel.

  23. Leigh-Ann Says:

    Great pictures. A moment of history forever captured

  24. tenny Says:

    Beautifully captured moments !!! cherished forever 🙂 Thanks for sharing…..miss you guys.

  25. Eva Says:

    Wow…Ethan and Sarah have matured so much! You have a beautiful family. Mommy and Sarah are gorgeous and the men are handsome indeed. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to seeing more of such beautiful photos of your family.

  26. Connie Says:

    Beautiful pics, lovely family and absolutely great kids!!! Love all of them, the details, the vibrant colours, the professionalism…oh Lisa, I’m speechless ! Thanks Lisa for sharing these precious moments. Big kisses to all of you.

  27. Sohinee Says:

    Awesome moments- hold them forever Lisa-

  28. Clem Lee-Sui Says:

    You guys look so cute and adorable ! And so are the kids ! Just kidding ! You are all so photogenic, and I am proud to call you close family now ! I know Joshie will break a lot of hearts, and Sarah will be a real stunner.


  29. Katerina Says:

    Greetings Sun family. We loved your photographs! Lightness and Light! Thanks for sharing with us. Hana, Julie and Parents.

  30. Myrtle (Kim-Sing) Says:

    Lisa and Keenan, the pictures shot at the pristine beach of the Bluffs are, in a word, simply “magnifique”! I love them all, but I am particularly partial to the one where Sarah and Josh are building sand castles. They are so focused on what they are doing and obviously oblivious to the presence of the photographer. It’s a beautiful study of concentration in motion. Thank you for allowing us a glimpse of some memorable moments caught on camera of your lovely family.

    God’s richest blessings always!


  31. Pipsa Karnio Says:

    These pics are just stunning and sooo beautiful! I like the most the one with the black family and rocks against the sunset (surprise), the black and whites, you walking barefoot on the sand with only Sarah watching the camera and the Angel :o) – so most of them:o)!

  32. Isabella Says:

    Beautiful photos! Adorable children and a lovely Sun Family. How long did you spend on the beach to take such wonderful pictures?

  33. liliane Says:

    Thanks for sharing, Lisa. Really great shots! You all look amazing.

    stage fright would account for the non-smiles, I would say. At least the kids participated 😉

  34. Lana Says:

    Fantastic pics, Lisa. Your family is beautiful and I love how the pics captured you all.

  35. Maureen & Walter Pon Says:

    Lovely family! Adorable kids! Beautiful setting! Great photography portraying a happy family ! Some treasured memories to look back on. Tai how lih! Dai jar how piu leung! Yee Kow Fu & Yee Kow Mo proud of you! Thanks for sharing. God bless and love you all. Best regards, Uncle Walter and Auntie Maureen.

  36. Jocelyn Ching Says:

    Wow!! I only saw these photos now or I definitely would have used them. Stunning photos……… a very special moment to treasure for always. 😀

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