6 day old baby A newborn session – MPH Photography – Toronto

Newborn sessions have to be the sweetest sessions, they take alot of work and time but they are always so worth it in the end.

Baby A was 6 days old when I got to photograph her and her big sister is baby A’s 2nd mommy, she loved holding her and touching her and doing whatever she could to help out, she was quite adorable. I can tell that these two sisters are going to be best friends when they both grow up.

Baby A wouldn’t really sleep much for us, she would doze off and then would wake up within minutes so we had fun trying to get her to sleep and keeping her asleep,lol. This family is oh so cute, and so sweet and just lovely to be around, it was a pleasure photographing them.

Laura and Sam, thank you for allowing me to photograph your daughter’s first few days of life, it was an honour and I could have taken both your daughters home with me, not sure how my two boys would feel, but I don’t care,lol. Β Enjoy your sneak peek.



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  1. Renee W Says:

    These are all so precious!! I love the dresser shot!

  2. Sam Hyland Says:

    Thanks again Manuella. There are some beautiful shots there, I love the two of Veda walking down the garden path.

  3. Nael Says:

    Awesome pictures guys! Very cute. Congratulations!!!

    All the best!

  4. zaira Says:

    Gorgeous family!!

  5. Jennifer Ageday Says:

    Oh So Sweet!
    You all look Fantastic!
    Ashlynn looks just like Veda, but with dark hair!
    Gorgeous Pictures, Beautiful Family Xx

  6. Sara Gray Says:

    So moving! Truly beautiful πŸ™‚ congrats peeps!!

  7. rita duggan Says:


  8. Sharon Lee Says:

    MUCH LOVE……….

  9. phil hyland Says:

    Very cute

  10. Andrea Hilborn (Dingwall) Says:

    Wonderful! I love, love, love the one of you and Veda, Laura. And the one that looks over your shoulder down to Ashlynn.

  11. Shawne Says:

    Outstandingly beautiful children!!! Lovely family!
    God Bless You All,

  12. Lina Says:

    You have such a beautivul familty.

  13. Jen Says:

    I want some! I’ll let you know which ones

  14. Ishrani Says:

    Wonderful shots. Loved the one in the violin case.
    Veda has grown into a beautiful little girl.
    Looking forward to meeting Ashlynn.
    Love, Ishrani

  15. Nancy Says:

    Lovely shots – really beautiful.

  16. Lynne Says:

    Sumptuous ! Veda, Ashlynn, Laura & Sam are beautiful subjects for any photographer, but obviously YOU are not just ANY photographer.
    These are works of art of works of art. Thank-you for sharing them.

  17. Tyson Says:

    absolutely gorgeous! wonderful photos of a wonderful family!


  18. Sonja Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous pictures. Thanks for sharing. Will visit when I get back to Toronto.

  19. Sonja Says:

    Nice guitar case, Sam.

  20. John Duggan Says:

    Amazing photographs Sam and Laura. Thank you for sharing them with me. John Duggan

  21. Karen Says:

    Wow! Amazing photos. Congrats to the family πŸ™‚

  22. Hannah Hyland Says:

    Beautiful pictures, very imaginative use of simple items. I will definitely be ordering. Grandma

  23. Connie Says:

    these are absolutely beautiful pics. Both Ashlynn and Veda are gorgeous! Mom and Dad don’t look to bad either!

    Hats off to the photographer!

  24. lya tallim Says:

    WOW!!! Thanks for sharing these truly beautiful shots. Can’t wait to see you all. When we meet up in person (soon) would definitely like to find out more about the photographer.

  25. Barbara Weigelt Says:

    Laura and Sam congratulations on your beautiful family. These pictures are wonderful. Hope to see you soon. Barbara & Keld

  26. Cynthia Charter Says:

    All lovely photos, especially the family portrait. Congratulations Laura & Sam on the birth of Ashlynn. Veda looks so natural in front of the camera and I love the photo of her offering a flower. Cynthia

  27. Laura Says:

    Thanks again Manuella. Great Shots. Very creative. It was a pleasure working with you. Veda loved it and now plays pretend photographer with her dolls.

  28. Sarah Says:

    These are gorgeous. I love the one showing the butterfly wings. πŸ™‚

  29. Simone Says:

    Amazing photos! I want one!
    Congrats guys on the birth of your baby!

  30. Kathy Says:

    Amazing pictures Laura and family!!!! These are all BEAUTIFUL πŸ™‚

  31. Heather MacRae Says:

    These are spectacular – full of beautiful life!! You two make some seriously cute people!! Love and Congratulations!

  32. Carine J. Lafrance Says:

    Gorgeous! Priceless! Congrats again on the very beautiful family! Xoxo

  33. Aleya Says:

    Amazing pictures! Lovely Family! xx

  34. Jenn Says:

    I love them! What a beautiful family… Love the guitar case shot! Great idea!

  35. Maria Says:

    AWW!! The pictures are so beautiful and you guys look so warm and loving!!!

  36. Jessica, Kevin and Juliet Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!! I’m in love with little baby A already, and big sister V in the fairy wings…priceless!!! So glad you guys got these memories captured. I can’t wait to meet A in person!!!!!

  37. Catherine Says:

    Laura, Sam these pictures truly show all the warmth and sweetness in your family. Ashlynn is gorgeous and there are some truly stunning shots of the three of you… some of the best pictures of Veda I have seen (and photographers, kudos because I know preschoolers are not always the easiest to catch facing the camera with a smile… I have one of my own!) Definitely the one with you and Veda is one of my favourites and I love the one with Ashlynn in the guitar case and the one of Veda alone… those curls and that sweet smile are so precious!

    Congratulations once again and can’t wait to come visit… hopefully one day this month! xo

  38. Mel Gajraj Says:

    Congratulations; what a lovely baby!

    Uncle Mel

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