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Family session at the beach – MPH Photography – Toronto

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

The beach has to be the best location for a session, it just has so many things to offer, and its a great place for the kids and for the parents too.

We met up with Lisa and her family on Sunday morning and it was a perfect day, sunny and hot but a bit of a breeze which kept us cool the whole time.

Both of their kiddos, were gosh darn cute and a little shy but by the time we got to the beach to make a few sand castles they warmed up.

It was a fun session and I could do sessions like this forever, I didn’t want to leave and looking forward to my next family session at the beach.

Lisa, thanks for letting me capture your family and I hope you all had fun and hope you enjoy the sneak peek.















6 day old baby A newborn session – MPH Photography – Toronto

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

Newborn sessions have to be the sweetest sessions, they take alot of work and time but they are always so worth it in the end.

Baby A was 6 days old when I got to photograph her and her big sister is baby A’s 2nd mommy, she loved holding her and touching her and doing whatever she could to help out, she was quite adorable. I can tell that these two sisters are going to be best friends when they both grow up.

Baby A wouldn’t really sleep much for us, she would doze off and then would wake up within minutes so we had fun trying to get her to sleep and keeping her asleep,lol. This family is oh so cute, and so sweet and just lovely to be around, it was a pleasure photographing them.

Laura and Sam, thank you for allowing me to photograph your daughter’s first few days of life, it was an honour and I could have taken both your daughters home with me, not sure how my two boys would feel, but I don’t care,lol. ¬†Enjoy your sneak peek.



Maureen and Ervin and their boys – MPH Photography – Toronto

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

When Maureen and Ervin first contacted me and set up this family session, they told me their sons, Nicholas 17 and Andrew 14 would also join them in the session and that’s when panic set in. I have photographed every age and both male and female, but never 2 teenage boys together. Now, I have 2 boys of my own, 8 and 5 and so I’m no stranger to boys but I wasn’t sure how I was going to photograph these two youngens. What poses do I put them in that is cool and that they will like, and will they behave, or just not want to be there at all. How was I going to get them to have fun?

I worried for nothing because when I met this family and their boys, I was totally taken by surprised to see two very mature and polite boys. The whole family was nice, and such a pleasure to photograph. They were very well dressed and even though it was boiling hot out, they managed to smile through every shot. We really had a lovely time, and the boys had me laughing more than once and it was a wonderful session.

I realized that my boys have the same age difference and in a few years from now, they will be the ones that are going into highschool and then graduating and when the time comes for my family to get a session done, I hope its jut like that one I did for Maureen and Ervin and their boys.

To the Herold family, thanks again for coming out in the heat and for being so wonderful to work it. We hope you enjoy your sneak peek and hope you also have a wonderful summer.






























Kristina & Mark’s engagement session – MPH Photography – Toronto

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

Hot, is the only way I can describe this session. Two, young people in love and oh so cute together, it was so lovely to see and capture these two cuties.

Originally we were going to meet at St. Lawrence market but then it was decided to go to Kensington market and I haven’t done a session there yet, so I was totally in and really excited.

We almost melted into the sidewalk due to the heat, but nothing stopped these two from having fun and that’s what its all about. It was great to see the love that these two share. Kristina and Mark were so much fun and Kensington was a perfect location for this session. We had wanted to end it in a little park nearby thinking there was a little wading pool, but unfortunately it was dry when we got there, but that didnt stop them, they got on the see saw and then the swings and weren’t fazed at all, I was disappointed that there was no water, and no cute shots of these two having fun in the kiddie pool, splashing and such but they made up for it by having fun in the park and having me capture it all.

There were so many images that I love, but here are just a few of my faves.

Thanks so much Kristina and Mark, your love touched my heart and I wish you both nothing but the best. Enjoy your sneak peek.






































Lily’s Family – MPH Photography – Toronto

Monday, July 11th, 2011

It’s been one of the hottest weekends on record so far and we happened to have had 3 sessions and although the heat and humidity kicked my you know what, it was a great weekend and we had 3 wonderful sessions with terrific clients.

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of meeting Lily’s family, and we met them at a spot that was special to her, it happens to be special to us as well, as we took our wedding pictures there. The statue of the lion at sunnyside park beaches was the location Lily choose and I couldn’t have been any happier.

Their little guy was a bit shy but he was so adorable and I think we got him to warm up to us a bit and got some cute shots of him and of his little baby brother as well.

Sunnyside has everything, the beach, a boardwalk, trees and bushes and a beautiful bridge and weeping willow trees and rocks, its just a great place for a session or just to take a walk.

We had a lovely time with this family and would love to share a few of my favourites from the session. Thanks Lily, it was so nice to meet you and your family, hope you enjoy the sneak peek.