Indian Bridal – MPH Photography – Toronto

What do you get when you combine a beautiful model and a truly talented and amazing hair and makeup artist?? A perfect shoot! I was so happy to photograph Angeli  in a couple of Indian bridal outfits, I just love the colours and its like photographing jewels. Angeli wore two spectacular outfits and then Mrs. C, our hair and makeup artist from surekha artistry dressed up for the occasion and I took a few shots of her as well who is also beautiful as she is talented.

It’s so much fun working with other creative people and this was a wonderful session and I loved every minute of it.

I have so many favourites, so here’s tons of images from our fun day. Special thanks go out to Angeli and to Mrs. C.



Mrs. C





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  1. heidi Says:

    STUNNING….absolutely stunning. My jaw hit the floor. wow.

  2. Indian bridal outfits Brampton Says:

    I appreciate more Indian beauty! Absolutely beautiful!

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