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Before I begin showing you some of the fabulous shots we got during this session, I need to thank my friend and mentor Silvana of  http://www.impulsephotographyblog.com/ for her inspiration. Not too long ago I took part in her amazing workshop where she told us that she doesn’t plan a location for her engaged couples, in fact they just get in the car and go, no plan, no set location, and if they see a place that’s interesting that’s where they stop. Well, I have never heard of such a thing, how could you just get in the car and go, so many what if scenarios came to mind and I honestly didn’t think this idea would work for me.

Well along comes my dear friend and client Heather who had a few ideas on what she wanted for her session and there were so many places that we liked that we couldn’t settle on just one and as we were having such a hard time deciding my dear hubby says, let’s just drive. I had told him about Silvana’s idea and he was all for it, he actually told the client and I that he would take care of everything and he would drive around and we would get out and shoot, so that’s what we did. I was nervous but I trusted him, he knows downtown Toronto like the back of his hand and the locations he took us too that day were absolutely fabulous!

We went to alley’s, to a Buddhist temple, to lamport stadium, on the tracks near the CNE and beside the CN tower, to a catholic church and then to Old Fort York where we almost asked a few of the miltary guys to help us out with a shot, but it was getting late and so we left, but I’m kicking myself for not getting that one pose with those boys in their fatigues. Despite not getting that one shot, we got so many other beautiful images and I was so excited about this session and had so much fun, and definitely encourage anyone who wants headshots, or just nice and interesting  pictures of themselves to book a session with me and we can go out and drive around, and just find different and unique spots to shoot in.

Heather, my little pixie, thank you for being such a perfect subject to photograph. Your smile and laugh and sweetness comes through in every photograph. I love you darling and you know I think your gorgeous inside and out and I think this session with you will go down as one of my all time favourites, and I hope we get to do it again soon.

Enjoy your huge sneak peek,lol.









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  1. anita Says:

    Stunningly beautiful subject! Love the vibrant spring colours. You Manni are Mistress of the Camera :0)

  2. Elenora Says:

    Manuella, your “get in the car and just drive” trial certainly paid off! I find it hard to choose a favorite: each image has its own glory about it. What a treat for you to have had the opportunity to photograph your beautiful subject, Heather, and what a gift she had in you as her photographer! Be proud of this work. ~ E.

  3. Amy Says:

    I love the “get in the car and drive” idea!! We’ll have to remember that for next time. 🙂

    Beautiful shots, Manuella. I think my fave is the one on the stairs. Great job!

  4. Tammy McGee Says:

    Manuella you outdid yourself with this shoot! AMAZING Lady! I so wish I could have come to Phauntario!

  5. Rhonda Says:

    These are absolutely stunning….what a great job you did at capturing a beautiful woman!!

  6. Sean Says:

    Wow, where to start !!!. Heather she is absolutely gorgeous !!!. Every time I see your pics, you blow my mind with the style and creativity.
    Need to have you come down to North Carolina and take some the fam and my uglyass. Maybe you can make me look better…. Hahahahahaha

    Clothing and makeup is second to none, and you mkae TO look good, gurl. Kepp up the most amazing work…


  7. Darlene Cates - Friendswood Texas Photographer Says:

    These are AMAZING!

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