Creme de la creme workshop – Toronto – MPH Photography

I was so honoured when Silvana from contacted me and asked me if I could assist her with her creme de la creme workshop, I nearly hit the ceiling from my excitement. I was so excited and nervous as well but it was definitely a wonderful opportunity and I’m thankful that I was asked.

I met some wonderful photographers and we all got along great and we all learned so much in those 2 days and I know I wrote well over 10 pages of info and watching Silvana do her thing and learning from one of the best in the industry was definitely a dream come true. I missed her when she was asked to speak at WPPI last year and I kept kicking myself over it until the phone rang and I heard her voice on the other end asking me to be her assistant for the workshop.

I’ve known Sil for years and was even her 3rd assistant at a wedding she shot years ago, I learned alot from her then and continue to learn from her every year. She’s not only an awesome photographer but has such a sweet soul, she’s such a blessing and I’m so proud to call her my friend. She not only teaches me about photography but also how to be a better person, to love more, to give more and to put God first in your life. I often look up to her both for photography and for how God is using her and her talents to serve Him. She’s an inspiration in all that she does and I thank God for placing her in my life.

Silvana held her workshop at one of the most beautiful venue’s in Toronto, The McLean House and besides the gorgeous grounds and the fabulous mansion that we got to shoot in, they also have great service and take such good care of you. The staff were so helpful, especially Veronica, she looked after us as if we were her own, and I must commend them for hiring such top notch employees.

Silvana also spoiled us by giving everyone a scrumptious cupcake by Lavish Cupcakes and Oh my goodness, these cupcakes tasted like heaven, and I had to make my husband drive us from the east end to go pick up a box of these delectable treats a week later,lol. I’m now hooked and while at Lavish the people there are so sweet and so caring , they even loved watching my little munchkin run around even though I was afraid he’d break something they just smiled and gave him a cupcake (which I ended up eating by accident and they were sweet enough to give him another one), which made him and me very happy. They now have a new fan for life.

Silvana, thanks so much for such an amazing workshop, not only did we all learn tons but we also got to meet one of God’s awesome creations, you are a blessing to all that meet you and I know you planted a seed in all of us and I know these seeds will grow and flourish and I only hope in years to come that we make you proud.

Below are shots from the day and I can’t thank Silvana enough for allowing us to shoot the poses that she set up.







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  1. Hil C Says:

    Such great memories! Great post of pictures. LOVE!

  2. Elenora Luberto Says:

    Gorgeous images, Manuella! I am very thankful to have met you and the others at Silvana’s extraordinary workshop. I enjoy your personality and love looking at your work. Thanks for the continued inspiration.

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