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Miss Brandy – Toronto – MPH Photography

Monday, March 14th, 2011

There is officially two more weeks of winter left, and I for one am counting down the days. Spring can’t get here fast enough for me, I’ve had enough of winter and I’m ready for spring, bring on the heat, ok, well not heat yet, but at least not freezing cold temperatures anymore, so woo hoo.

I can’t think of a better way to end the winter than by celebrating with a photo shoot, and Brandy was exactly what I needed. A fresh young face, full of life and just ready to go, and I just wanted to capture her spirit and her beauty on film.

We had alot of fun and Brandi is one brave girl, she even put on shorts and its still pretty darn cold out there, but she stuck it out and we got some awesome shots, so many, that I couldn’t pick just a few of my favourites, and ended up with well alot,lol.

Thank you Miss Brandi, I had a blast with you and hope we can do it again sometime. Next time bring some friends and I’ll put you all in wings and tutu’s,lol!

Here’s tons from this session.