Baby S – MPH Photography – Toronto

Sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what little girls are made of, and this little beauty is tons of sugar and a touch of spice. She’s so sweet that you just want to eat her up and yet she has this little spark, a touch of spice if you will. I’ve actually known this little angel’s mom since I was a little girl and I remember her being so cute and adorable and she passed that on to her daughter now.  Her father is the pastor of the greek evangelical church in Toronto and he actually married us in 1999 so this session was very special to me.

Even though we didn’t get as many smiles as I wanted to from this little one, I couldn’t take a bad picture of this beauty, with her cute rosy cheeks, and big bright eyes,  even the ones of her not smiling are adorable as can be. Each outfit we put on her was adorably sweet and I couldn’t stop snapping away, she’s definitely a photogenic child.

Thanks for coming by the studio Ruthann, it was such a thrill to photograph your daughter and to capture these moments when she is still so small. I hope you enjoy the sneak peek.





35 Responses to “Baby S – MPH Photography – Toronto”

  1. Ruthann Says:

    The only problem with these pictures is that now I’m not sure which ones to pick!!! They are all so good. I can already see that this little girl is going o cost us an arm and a leg!

    thanks manuella for the awesome pictures!

  2. Dawn Says:

    You did it again! Just wonderful!

  3. Katherine Says:

    SOOO precious – and what a beautiful job of capturing her personality! Lovely photos!

  4. Marlene Says:

    Beautiful pictures… Enjoy picking one of those!!

  5. Amy Says:

    Beautiful work, Manuella!! Makes me want to do another session! 🙂

  6. Heather Says:

    wow amazing pictures she looks beautiful so full of joy.

  7. Tina Says:

    She’s so cute! The photos are totally awesome Manuella!

  8. Julie Says:

    all packed and no where to go, Sylvia? You are so very adorable! good photography also.

  9. Pauline Says:

    Wow, what great pictures! She is soooo cute 🙂

  10. Lillian Says:

    Absolutely beautiful pictures taken of a beautiful little girl. Loved the creative use of props!

  11. Christina Says:

    Is she edible??? Because I may just have to eat her up!! The photos are just perfect. I’m all for cost effectiveness, but don’t look at me to help you choose…I would just buy them all. I know, I’m not helping, but alas, such is life. God bless her and Mommy and Daddy“““““““““““““““““` always.

  12. Raul Says:

    That’s my girl too!!!!! I am amazed at how well the pictures turned out. Although I knew she was a beautiful baby, now everyboy knows too! Superb job Manuella!

  13. Andreas Says:

    What a gorgeous little girl! I hope one day I’ll get the chance to enjoy the blessing of a daughter as well. May God continue to bless your family and be with you as you raise Sylvia in Christ’s love.

  14. alex Says:

    Nice pics!! congratulations Manuella

  15. Jane Says:

    manuella, the are gorgeous pictures, I love each one of them. Good job! Ruthann – I don’t know how you are going to choose the best of these because each one of these is perfect!

  16. Irene Says:

    Manuella, what can we say? You capture every person beautifully. I believe this is only the beginning for you Manuella, and, every picture you take becomes a stepping stone for whats to come!!! Wonderful job, Love your pictures of my niece and love you.

  17. Granma Silvia Says:

    Oh! my little princess!! she is adorable. God bless you Silvia!! Wonderful pictures, amazing. Raulito y Ruthann las fotos reflejan la belleza de Silvita, si pueden comprenlas todas. Bendiciones a los tres.

  18. John John Says:

    Amazing pics…! She definitely has Raul’s smile…!! May God bless her and make her the difference in this world for His glory…!!

  19. Liliana Says:

    Wow these pictures are gorgeous!! My sweet and cute niece, I can’t wait to see her……Congrats Raul and Ruthann, Silvita is adorable. God Bless you

  20. grandma shari Says:

    May her beauty never outshine her inner beauty of making people happy.

  21. Debbie Cumberland Says:

    What a beautiful baby! Can see she is LOVED! Thank you for sharing!


  22. Jennifer Says:

    Thanks for sharing these great pictures! I love the picture in her hoodie – so cute!

  23. grandpa johnhionides Says:

    My granddauther is God’s gift for my old age.

  24. Sandy Says:

    What beautiful pictures of a beautiful girl! How can you pick?! What a sweet little one–I can’t wait to see her playing with my Sylvia. 🙂

  25. Sophie Says:

    I loved the props! This photographer has nothing to be jealous of Anne Geddes! Great job! Great lighting and great backgrounds too!

  26. Maria Says:

    Oh, how beautiful she is, and what a precious blessing from the Lord to her parents and all the family.
    We love you Sylvia.!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Bubba-Jo Says:

    I like the pictures. They are good.

  28. Danielle Says:

    The bows. I just can’t get over the bows!

  29. Marita Says:

    The pictures are simply amazing and Silvia is so tender!!!!! I can’t tell which is the best picture, I love them all!!!!!! God bless you!!!

  30. monica Says:

    OMG! the camera loves baby Silvia. The pictures are favorite is the one in her white hood. Pictures are fun and wonderful….there is depth to the colors, pictures have vitality and shows the photographer’s ability to use the light.

  31. Jessica Says:

    What a beautiful little angel!
    I can imagine it is going to be difficult to choose one…
    Love, Jess, Tjeerd and Logan

  32. leo Says:

    Awesome pictures! I love the model 🙂

  33. Gabriela A Says:

    Bellisima!!!!!!! los extrañamos 🙂

  34. Alexis Says:

    She´s a beautiful girl! I like the pictures. I think that Sylvia is a model… Congratulations my brother and sister… God Bless you.

  35. Debbie Cumberland Says:

    Now Ruth Ann, I’m sure that as angelic as she looks, she must have her moments!! She is BEAUTIFUL!!! The pictures are incredible.

    God Bless you all!

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