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Shana’s Family – Toronto – MPH Photography

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Just when I thought winter was finally over, we got hit with tons of snow and it almost made me postpone Sunday’s session but thankfully I didn’t as it turned out to be a fun day with an adorable family.

Shana gave me the biggest hug when we first met and I’m such a hugger, and the bigger the hug the better, right then I knew we would have such a fun session and we did. The kids were so sweet and oh so cute and so friendly and right away started laughing for me, the smiles were contagious since Chris and I couldn’t stop smiling during the whole session. Even though there was alot of snow on the ground which prevented us from exploring too much, we still managed to enjoy the winter wonderland and I think this family will remember this time together for years to come.

Thanks so much for hiring me Shana, we really enjoyed ourselves with your family, and hope you had a wonderful time as well. Enjoy your sneak peeks.




Baby S – MPH Photography – Toronto

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what little girls are made of, and this little beauty is tons of sugar and a touch of spice. She’s so sweet that you just want to eat her up and yet she has this little spark, a touch of spice if you will. I’ve actually known this little angel’s mom since I was a little girl and I remember her being so cute and adorable and she passed that on to her daughter now.  Her father is the pastor of the greek evangelical church in Toronto and he actually married us in 1999 so this session was very special to me.

Even though we didn’t get as many smiles as I wanted to from this little one, I couldn’t take a bad picture of this beauty, with her cute rosy cheeks, and big bright eyes,  even the ones of her not smiling are adorable as can be. Each outfit we put on her was adorably sweet and I couldn’t stop snapping away, she’s definitely a photogenic child.

Thanks for coming by the studio Ruthann, it was such a thrill to photograph your daughter and to capture these moments when she is still so small. I hope you enjoy the sneak peek.





Terri & Colin – Love – MPH Photography

Sunday, February 20th, 2011

It’s the kind of love that makes you laugh at everything he says and whenever you are near that person you just feel the need to kiss them. That’s the kind of love that Terri and Colin share, they were like highschool sweethearts, laughing and giggling and snuggling into each other every chance they got. It was so cute to watch and so touching to see how much Colin loves Terri, she’s the gleam in his eye, and the sparkle in his smile. They were definitely made for each other.

This session was so much fun, for many reasons as I love capturing the love that two people have but I also like seeing old friends that I haven’t seen for over 20 years, plus it was Terri’s birthday. Terri and I went to highschool together and it took facebook to help us reconnect again and I’m so grateful that we did as Terri was and still is a sweetheart, and funny and energetic too. Even surgery couldn’t keep her down long, she was recovering from appendicitis and she braved the cold cold weather and snow and icy terrain just to do this session and I’m so glad she did because we got some wonderful shots, and we had so much fun and I got to see an old friend, it was a perfect session.

Terri, I can’t thank you enough for letting me capture the love that you two share and I’m so happy to have reconnected with you after so many years, and I look forward to seeing you again real soon hon. Again, happy birthday hon, hope you had fun Saturday night! 😉

Here’s lots of sneak peeks as I was finding it very hard to pick just a few.  Enjoy.

Valentine’s Day fun – MPH Photography – Toronto

Friday, February 4th, 2011

I felt the itch the other day, the itch to shoot, to shoot anything and everything, I just wanted to pick up my camera and didn’t care if it was cold and the roads were covered with 2-3 feet of snow, I just had to go. Once the boys got on the school bus I proceeded to return home and put on a few layers and grabbed the camera and a few valentine’s day props otherwise I’d be shooting bare trees which didn’t seem much fun, so props it was. I walked and couldn’t find anywhere that I wanted to shoot and finally after walking through tons of snow I finally found a spot, it was steep but it would have to do.

Took out the props and started having fun, my fingers were freezing even through my gloves, my nose was freezing and running and my legs were sore from trekking through the snow but it was so much fun and I’m so glad I did it and got some fun shots as well. I definitely got to do that more often, just go out and shoot, it was fun and I was excited and can’t wait til spring.

I’m starting to book more sessions as spring is around the corner, so if you are considering doing a session with me, book early to ensure you get the date you want. I’m excited about what’s in store this year and can’t wait for spring to get here.