The best thing about winter is…. – MPH Photography – Manuella

Summer,lol, ok just kidding, I love my summers but winters can be fun, sometimes,lol.

For kids the best thing I think is tobogganing, going down a hill at warp speed and if your lucky going over a little bump (cuz you’re in trouble if its a big bump) and catching a bit of air. The cold air on your face and knowing there is a cup of hot cocoa waiting for you when you get home.

So today was that day for us, it hasn’t snowed much at all here in Toronto this year and we finally got a bit of the white stuff last night and the boys were jumping out of their skin to put on their snowsuits and play in the fluffy stuff. Even though I wasn’t feeling too well, I knew this would be a great opportunity to take some shots of the boys having fun, otherwise they’ll have nothing to look back on, so on went the two pairs of socks and two pairs of pants and 4 shirts, turtleneck and a sweater and a coat and we were set to go. The boys wore their snow pants and long johns and hats and gloves, and we headed out the door. Little did I know we would be stepping in about 3 feet of snow while getting to our destination,lol.

It was a treck getting there but the glee and the screams and laughter that followed was worth it. Their cheeks got all rosy and their gloves got soaked, even after changing pairs 2-3 times they still wanted to go down more, don’t think they would have ever stopped. I headed back first as I ran out of memory on my card, and I didn’t think I would take more than 300 pics but I did and thought I had brought extra cards, and did not, but as you’ll see below I got many shots as it is. I just wish we did some snow angels or tried to build a snowman or have a snowball fight, but I guess there’s always tomorrow.

Now its time for hot cocoa….. I suggest you get yourself a cup as you view all the pics from today. I put them all into collages for the most part otherwise you’d be scrolling down for a long time,lol.

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  1. Kristine Hartviksen Says:

    SO GREAT!!! It’s still snowing here in Edmonton, and going anywhere is NOT recommended today, but we might brave the roads to our local Ice Carving Festival tomorrow…We’ll see…

    Wonderful images of a fun-filled day!!!

  2. susan patrick harris Pittsburgh PA Photographer Says:

    Simply put your images are amazing. I came from a film background and remember when it was tabu to ask a pro how did you do that? The chemistry and mixes were carefully shaken, stirred, altered and guarded like family recipe for spaghetti sauce brought here from Italy! I find you shoot impeccably leaving your images with visual integrity and then add your digital negative processing to result in your unique style. Fabulous Fabulous Fabulous! PHAUNTIES ROCK

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