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10 days old – Newborn – MPH Photography – Toronto – Manuella

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Happy New year to everyone and what a great way to start off 2011 but with another newborn session. Ended 2010 with a newborn session and beginning a new year with another one.

I need to start off this session with a bit of history, my mother had a very good friend named Ria and when she became pregnant my mother threw her a baby shower and on the same day found out that she too was pregnant with me, Tina and I are only 5 months apart and have been friends all our lives. Fast forward almost 40 years later and Tina is now a mommy too, and she’s the Godmother of both my boys as well.

We’ve been anxiously awaiting Helena’s arrival and I was so excited to do a session with her. She was born on Dec. 23, Christmas baby and all of 10 days old and totally sweet and cute and cuddly and adorable and a pretty good model too. Took a bit of time (which allowed her mommy and I to catch up a bit) but eventually she fell asleep and although we were near the end of the session we managed to get some great shots of this lil angel.

Tina has been a great friend throughout my life and I know she’ll be an amazing mommy too, she’s always been a supportive friend and fabulous Godmother, but also one of my biggest fans when it came to my work, she actually pushed me to start up MPH Photography and I can’t thank her for giving me that kick in the butt to get out there. Without friends and family like her, I would not be where I am, and not only will she have my friendship for life but she’ll have my eternal gratitude as well. My boys love her and I can’t wait for them to get to know their God sister and for us to sit and chat while we watch our little ones play and laugh and grow together.

Tina and Andrew, it’s be an honour capturing your little girl’s first days of life and I look forward to being there for many more special occasions. Love you all. Filia polla (which means “lots of kisses” in greek).