Before and After – MPH Photography – Manuella

I’ve been asked many times before what do I do to my pics and I’ve always wanted to address this but haven’t had the chance until now. I try not to do much to my images, since I shoot RAW,  I use lightroom to do my main processing and then move the image over to CS5 to finish it off and add my watermark.

I have used actions, and I have too many to list, couple of my faves are kubota and itty bitty actions by Jinky but I don’t usually use them fully as I always lower the opacity to my liking. I also use textures alot, and a softening action for skin and then i add my watermark and I’m done.

I do liquify just a little at times, I always ask my clients if they would like for me to touch them up a bit, and other than a couple of times most everyone is all for it, and I don’t think anyone really minds when you take away a little of the extra cushion, or double chin, or getting rid of the dark circles under the eyes, lol.

Below are a few examples of before and after.

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  1. Ajax, Durham Region Photographer Says:

    Stunning job Manuella. Thanks for your visuals. It will certainly help individuals understand from beginning to end.

  2. Darlene Cates - Friendswood Texas Photographer Says:

    Gorgeous work Manuella!

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