Winter session – Amy and her family – MPH Photography – Toronto

I must admit I’m a summer girl, but there is something about a cold winter night and while the snow is falling outside and creating a winter wonderland, I’m inside with my family enjoying life and our time together, putting up the Christmas tree and having some hot chocolate and listening to Christmas music. What could be better? I do long for the days when I can wear my sandals again, cuz I hate wearing socks but I also enjoy this time of year and love watching my boys come home with rosy cheeks and  get all excited for Christmas and I think I’m  more impatient then they are, as I can’t wait to see them dig into their presents early Christmas morning. As we celebrate Christ’s birth, its a time for giving and loving and being kind and spending time with the ones you love and I just want to take this opportunity and wish you all nothing but love and joy this blessed season.

Although it can get quite cold here in Toronto, I always look forward to doing winter sessions and I just had two of the most awesome sessions a photographer could ask for this past weekend. On Saturday we met up with Amy and her hubby Joe and their daughter Maya, whom we have photographed several times now and each session is more fantastic than the last. Then on Sunday we had such a fun winter session with two great people who shall remain nameless at this point as these pictures will be a surprise Christmas present to a loved one, so stay tune for this session to be posted on Christmas eve most likely.

Saturday was a wee bit cold but we managed to stay warm as we ducked in and out of places through the session. We met up with Amy at the starbucks downtown right across Nathan Philips Square and we actually started there and then headed over to the square from there. Love the big Christmas tree they have there and of course the skating rink and then if that’s enough you can always go a little bit of shopping afterwards at the Eaton’s centre (which we did,lol).

Little Maya was such a trouper, never complained about the cold and I could have photographed her sweet angelic face all day but she needed to go home for a nap, and who am I to stand in between a girl and her nap,lol. I love Amy and have photographed her since she was pregnant with Maya and it always gives me such joy when they ask me to photograph their precious family again. Maya’s image that I took was even chosen to be on the cover of  Today’s parent Toronto’s Baby guide, and I know we were both excited when that happened in the spring of 2010.

People are often hesitant to do a winter session especially with a little one, but this session was a perfect example of how well it can work out, and I highly recommend them as they can be so much fun. Thanks Amy, Joe and Maya it was so lovely to see you all again, can’t wait til next time already!!lol.

This blue hat below was made by a local gal named Bridget Glauner-Rattew and her store is called Noggins 2 piggies,  she makes fabulous stuff for the little ones, I will be writing a post about her real soon as I love her stuff, but you can find her etsy store here if you want to check out her creations in the meantime.

Amy brought lots of cute hats as well.

We were really hoping it would snow, and don’t you know it actually did start to snow, a little, and I kinda helped the snow a bit in the post processing for a couple of images 😉

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  1. Helen Says:

    Look how much she has grown!!! Beautiful photos as always Manuela 🙂

  2. Amy Says:

    These are the most beautiful, amazing photos I’ve ever seen, Manuella!!!!! Thank you SOOOOOOOO much for capturing us (and especially Maya, of course!!) so perfectly. You are the BEST!!! Thank you!!!!
    And you’re right — it was fun! I was looking forward to doing a winter session, as we don’t have many outdoor winter photos of Maya, so these are great to have! A winter session is totally doable – even with kids – as long as the weather is on your side a little bit! 🙂
    Merry Christmas!

  3. Gramma Jen Says:

    Wow Manuela, you really do nice work. I enjoyed all of the pictures. They could all be models, beautiful people (inside and out).

  4. Sarah Says:

    These R gorgeous I love it!

  5. Nicole Says:

    These pictures are AMAZING!!!! What a beautiful family 🙂

  6. Deborah Leader Says:

    These photos are portraits not pictures. The quality is magazine high gloss! Enjoyed the different expressions and looks reflected in Amy and Joe’s family dynamics – the relationship between mother, father and daughter shine through.

  7. Andrew Says:

    These are great. Absolutely great. 0910 and 0902 are particularly brilliant. She looks so GROWN up!
    City Hall never looked better!

  8. Joanne Bissonnette Says:

    Stunning photos! Maya’s growing so fast! Love the winter setting!!

  9. Jane Says:

    Maya loves the camera! Very cute! ( :

  10. Nick Says:

    Very nice.

  11. Caroline Says:

    Gorgeous photos! Stunning. And that’s one hot mama!

  12. Lindsay Says:

    What great photos. It looks like such a great family day. Maya is adorable!

  13. Michelle Says:

    Amy, Maya looks beautiful and so grown up. Love the pictures. M

  14. Alex Molnar Says:

    Gorgeous photos! You light up the city! Congrats, what lovely family!

  15. Amanda Says:

    These are some of the most beautiful pictures I’ve ever seen…. gorgeous family and excellent colour contrasts!!!

  16. Samantha Says:

    Deck the (City) Hall!
    Stunning pics… Maya is gorgeous as usual. Great work Manuella!

  17. Patricia Paddey Says:

    Absolutely beautiful!

  18. Aunt Ann Says:

    What is there left to say? Absolutely stunning photos! Manuela you certainly have a gift, and Amy & Joe, you have the best gift of all…..our beautiful Maya!

  19. Grandma Sedlezky Says:

    Manuela, we already need to move to a bigger house to put up all the pictures we want to of Maya and of course her Mom and Dad!
    You have captured our beautiful Maya and her Mom and Dad so well. I love the family picture in front of the Christmas tree and the top two of Maya, and where they are feeding the pigeons, and the reflection of Maya in the window and Manuela – it is difficult to pick favourites!
    You are amazing!

  20. Grandpa Sedlezky Says:

    Difficult to take anything but beautiful photos with such a beautiful family, but you have captured their spirit!

  21. Alexis McKeown Says:

    Nathan Phillips Square never looked better. I love the snow on the family pictures. Maya is growing so fast – she looks like a stylish little lady.

  22. Sue Newbery Says:

    Awesome!! These photos are absolutely breathtaking!! You are a gifted photographer Manuella and Amy, Joe and Maya you are a beautiful family!!

  23. Kristy Says:

    Beautiful photos! I saw a couple on facebook and have been waiting for more so I was quite excited to find out that they are all up here on the blog. They are gorgeous.

  24. Manuella Pararas-Hulbert Says:

    Thanks ever so much everyone, your lovely thoughts and comments have truly made my day.

    I love photographing Amy and her family each and every time and its a real joy to watch Maya growing up through my lens. It’s an honour that they keep coming back to me and I hope they continue to come back to me for years to come, perhaps one day I could even photograph Maya’s wedding. 🙂

    Thanks again Amy and Joe and Maya, your family is like icing on the cake for me, and if you know me, you’d know how much I love cake, but I love you guys more. Much love to the 3 of you.

  25. Grampa Ken Says:

    Joseph, Amy and Maya are beautiful people inside and out and you have captured that Manuella!
    A couple of these pictures should be made in to the Family Christmas Card.

  26. cheryl Says:

    Oh, my she looks so grown up. It all goes way too fast, doesn’t it? thanks for sharing the photos. c.

  27. Anita Says:

    Speechless! Maya is picture perfect as usual! Truly breathtaking photography. And I agree…I see a Family Christmas Card in there too ;).
    P.S. Amy…where was Manuella on your wedding day?!

  28. Beverley Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! The photos and the family 🙂 Love that pigeon one!

  29. Amy Says:

    Thanks for all the compliments, everyone! Manuella has certainly done some excellent work – again! 🙂

    Anita: I know!! I didn’t know Manuella then — if only!!!

  30. Marge Sambol Says:

    They are all beautiful as usual, but I love the candid ones of you and Joe playing with Maya! She really is ridiculously photogenic!

  31. Auntie Kristan Says:

    Lovely pictures once again. I would love to have a photo shoot some day with you guys. Maybe sometime when the girls are older and we are visiting. The one of you all in front of the Christmas tree would make a great chrismas card.

  32. Justine Phaure Says:

    Great pictures Manuella! They are all so beautiful. I don’t know how you are ever going to choose A, so many great shots.

  33. Crazy Unlce Greg Says:

    Great photos. The one with the snow falling and Maya walking in between is great. Does Manuella take pictures of people bashing pumpkins?

  34. Aunt Dominique Says:

    Bravo! Very nice pictures. Maya looks marvelous as usual and great as a “big city” girl.

  35. Uncle Sean Says:

    Great photos! I guess at her age hats are the thing. Next year it will be shoes. 🙂

  36. Krisztina Says:

    Wow. Such stunning photos!!! Great models and great photography. 🙂

  37. Bernice Cutler Says:

    Wonderful photos! Great subject – she is so cute. Have seen other photos by you and they’re all amazing!

  38. Beth Says:

    lols, late to my emails as usual but the photos are wonderful and Maya continues to grow as a little sweet heart.

  39. Vicki Whiting Says:

    Wow! I dont know which photo I like best, so many are absolutely beautiful and unique. The first one of Maya I went back to a few times. I love her look! Beautiful work.

  40. Jennifer Morse Says:

    These are awesome!! I love the lifestyle shots!!

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