Sleeping Angel

I wanted to thank everyone for voting for me to win the photography workshop contest but unfortunately I did not win, 🙁 guess it wasn’t meant to be and although I’m  sad and bummed cuz I REALLY wanted to go, I’m happy for the person that won and am extending my congratulations to her.

In the process of shooting the perfect shot for this contest, which took many hours and many tries,lol,  I managed to convince my kids to dress up and pose for me for hours on end,lol. We tried many things and if I had more time I would have done something more creative and would have put angel wings on my kids, cuz well, I just love me some angel wings and that’s my style so it would have been perfect. Since I didn’t use an angel shot, my oldest wanted a shot of himself sleeping and he wanted me to turn him into an angel and put him on some clouds sleeping…. now, how could I disappoint  my son??? Of course I obliged him and we took some shots of him pretending to sleep and below is my creation.

My sleeping angel.

6 Responses to “Sleeping Angel”

  1. Gloria Avina Says:

    Manuella, I totally understand how you feel. We gave it our best but it just wasn’t meant to be. We are destined for bigger and grander things. That shot of your son is precious and if it weren’t for the contest, he never would have asked for his picture to be taken 😀 {{HUGS}} you’re #1 in my book

  2. Meredith Rowlen Says:

    Awww sorry you didn’t win girl.. Great shot though

  3. Krista Webb Says:

    So sorry you didn’t win girl but you are still FABULOUSLY talented!!

  4. Amy Dungan Says:

    I’m sorry you didn’t win as well, but I love that shot. So very sweet!

  5. Kanella Says:

    Aww that’s cute… I love how his arm and leg are drooping off the ‘cloud’ hehe

  6. Amber Says:

    I hate that you didn’t win….bummer!!! On a happy note though, can I say WOW just simply WOW your angel/fantasy shots are always phenomenal!!!

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