Please vote for me!!!

Have you ever entered a contest that you just wanted to win with every fibre of your being??? Well I just did and its for an awesome workshop the fabulous Silvana Frammartino of Impulse Photography and she wanted us to come up with something creative as our status for facebook. My entry took me forever to make as every time I tried to get the boys to sit down and take a pic, the end results were never anything that I really liked. Finally the night before the contest ended, I got the boys dressed and set up my studio at home and hubby helped with everything and we started to snap and after what seemed like hours of trying we got some shots that I was happy with and will end up treasuring actually. I wanted a shot of them praying for their mommy to win and the caption that we came up with which was perfect as it totally expressed how they felt and daddy held up the sign behind them and it was perfect. I had lots of funny faces to choose from but I went with two besides the praying shot, and I even added wings on the boys but in the end decided to go with the shot as is.

After waiting all weekend to find out who the top 10 entries were I jumped out of my chair and started shaking when Silvana’s posted on her facebook that the top 10 were up on her blog and I quickly clicked on her site to find my entry listed as one of the top 10!!!! WOO HOO!! I am so excited and beside myself with glee and just the chance of winning is awesome. I was blessed to have worked with Silvana years ago at a wedding when I assisted her, just when I was first starting out and not only did I learn alot but she helped me to get to the point where I’m at today. I still have much to learn and I know that a workshop with Silvana is exactly what I need right now and this is why I’m coming to all of you for help. It would bless me so much if you would vote for my entry, and if I could win then I could offer all my clients even better workmanship and greater experience and more knowledge and that is a win win situation in my book.

So please go on over to her blog and vote for my entry # 8!

I would be so grateful and I wish you all a blessed day.

Here is what my entry looks like up close.

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  1. Dawn Says:

    Good luck Manuella! You got my vote as a huge thank you for the advice you gave me before. I posted on my FB profile & I will keep my fingers crossed for you!

  2. Jennifer Morse Says:

    Headed over to vote now!

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