Ama and her furry friend Icey

It’s been the perfect weekend weather wise and I’m so glad that all 4 sessions I had this weekend had beautiful weather, couldn’t be more thankful. This is the first of 4 sneak peeks and hope to get the rest out soon.

I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and although it was a very busy weekend for us and I’m totally exhausted,  I have much to be grateful for and I couldn’t be happier with how well all my sessions turned out.

First one was on Friday with Ama and her adorable little dog Icey, whose 5th  birthday is coming up soon so this session was all about her and we had fun chasing her around. She’s beautiful too and many years ago we had a german spitz that was just like Icey, all white and full of energy just like Icey and this session brought back alot of great memories for me.

We took a walk along the beach and it was Icey’s first time there so  she was just bursting with excitement and wanting to explore her new surroundings.  We chatted about Ama’s big trip coming up and these pictures will keep her company as she won’t be able to take Icey with her at this time.

I had a great time with you and Icey, Ama. Thanks for a wonderful session and I hope you have a wonderful trip back home. Enjoy your sneak peek.

8 Responses to “Ama and her furry friend Icey”

  1. Daniel Says:

    Thanks for the great job, and I really like the pic, you have taken for Ama and Icey. Much appreciate.

  2. Kien D. Says:

    Beautiful pics!! the white background sure make ICEY looks she’s at home up North while the green background makes her stand out. Love the contrast and i could tell she’s enjoying herself smiling with tongue sticking out!!

  3. Tyjuana Hill-Smith Says:

    OMGosh..what a beautiful dog and the pictures are PERFECTION! I LOVE every single one of them!

  4. Daisy Liu Says:

    What the beautiful art works!!!!

  5. Victor Ching Says:

    Nice~~~I love it~~~~

  6. Chloe Says:

    From the pictures, I can see Ama and Icey were having great time ~I like their smile.

  7. Cheryl Best Says:

    I love them, very beautiful you two and Mz Icey is very graceful.

  8. Stacey Lund Says:

    What a beautiful dog! I love all of these!

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