Natalie and her kiddos – MPH Photography – Toronto

I met Natalie last year and this session has pretty much been a year in the making and I couldn’t have been more excited for this session.

Natalie is not only sweet and kind but she’s absolutely beautiful and so are her children. We had a fun time at the beach and I got some cute shots of all of the kiddos despite her little guy running around and not wanting to stand still,lol, it was definitely hard keeping up with him though,lol.

Her girls, are beautiful and poised and I almost couldn’t stop myself from taking too many pics, as they were all such a joy to photograph.

Thanks again Natalie, hope you enjoy your sneak peek.

This was near the end, but it was definitely one of the cutest shots of the session.

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  1. Janet Says:

    Manuella, these shots are stunning. Natalie, your family is gorgeous of course with a mama like you. The smile just takes over your face and lights up any space. It’s been wonderful to have met you and Manuella I do believe you’ve captured her essence perfectly. Well done. Jan

  2. Petra King Says:

    OH my goodness what stunning children! They look so much like their mama! Gorgeous Manuella!

  3. Sandra Says:

    These photos are stunning! Simply Gorgeous. Great work Manuella, Natalie you and the kids are beautiful xx

  4. aaron Says:

    Wow!!! Natalie, your kids look amazing (as well as yourself)! Manuella, Beautiful shots!! They’re just stunning!

  5. Charmaine Massiah Says:

    These pics are soooooooooooo beautiful!! I think I should book a session very soon!

  6. Nevine Says:

    Wow…..Love them…Kids look amazing and of course as always, you look stunning 😉

  7. Ruby Says:

    Amazing, absolutely stunning!

  8. Row1 Says:

    I love these pics!

  9. Robin Says:

    There are no words to describe how beautiful these pics are aswell as your family natalie!

  10. Marlene Says:

    Fabulous photos they really caputure all of your spirits; beauty from within shines out LOVE them especially the water shots.

  11. ginarosa Says:

    Wow these siblings all compliment each other with their beautiful features, hair, skin and of course their smile. Natalie, you are beautiful and have beautiful children. Manuella, I have seen your work and must compliment you on your creativity. A true artist you are!
    Cheers to all!

  12. Rebecca Says:


  13. Jody Edwards Says:

    Natalie u are such a beautiful woman… u look great… the pic are some of the best I have seen… where did u find this person? You have beautiful children, that photo very well.

  14. Alex Says:

    Wow these pictures are amazing. You all look great! You guys all look like models.

  15. Rishi Says:

    These pictures are great, great looking family too!!!

  16. Marimel Mapanao Dunn Says:

    Awesome pictures….Natalie, u and ur kids are beautiful!!! They’re all grown up now and so cute!! Great photographer…great shots!!! 😉

  17. natalie haig Says:

    Thank you sooo much Manuella for taking your time to capture these unforgettable moments. I love the pictures, its going to be a hard tme for me to pick em. Thank you for taking your time with the kids, you went beyond what was expected!! You are soo talented!!
    YOu made this event fun for everyone!!

  18. Yvette Says:

    Wow , beautiful shots you are very talented! Great way you captured Natalie and her kids essence! They all all stunning!!

  19. Angela Raber Says:

    Such adorable looking children, you are all so photogenic! Great shots, well done!

  20. Manuella Pararas-Hulbert Says:

    Thank you so much everyone! A special thanks to you Natalie, you are beautiful inside and out and thank you for letting me capture that and it was such a joy photographing your beautiful children as well.

  21. Kelli Adams Says:

    What a stunning family!

  22. Jennifer Morse Says:

    Stunning! They are all so gorgeous!

  23. Beth Daane Says:

    These are STUNNING! What a beautiful family and such a beautiful capture of them. Amazing.

  24. Claudette Lee-Allen Says:

    Natalie, simply beautiful!!! How the kids have grown! And you, you are more beautiful as the years go by!

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