Kanella’s Sunrise Maternity session – MPH Photography – Toronto

I absolutely love these types of sessions, every summer I look forward to doing sunrise maternity sessions, as they are not only fun to do but the lighting and the location is awesome and then add a beautiful pregnant model and you have the making for a perfect session.

Kanella drove down from Innisfil for this session and I couldn’t have been more excited. Started off a bit cold but it warmed up right away and I must say I love Kanella, she was eager to try anything and do anything, we almost made her climb to the top of the beach house there as there was a spot at the top that would have made for amazing shots. Although she was tempted and we did try to find a way to go safely up, I just couldn’t let her go up there knowing it may not be safe. In the end I think we didn’t miss out anyways as the shots I got anyways are superb, mostly because of the beautiful prego mom and her high stiletto’s which she was rocking very nicely. She was definitely a trooper and was even early to the session which began at just about 6am.

A few sneak peeks here as I have way too many images that I like, so here are a few of my faves.

Thanks Kanella, it was a blast and I hope you enjoy your sneak peek.

Au natural and before my artistic touch

Artistic creation - Angel mamma

37 Responses to “Kanella’s Sunrise Maternity session – MPH Photography – Toronto”

  1. Kristine Hartviksen Says:

    Simply. Stunning… Manuella, AMAZING images!!! Kanella, GORGEOUS Momma!!!

  2. Tina Ryan Says:

    Absolutely STUNNING!

  3. Kanella Kouremenos Says:

    I had such an AMAZING time on Saturday. I couldn’t have asked for a better day, and a better photographer!
    Manuella you made me feel super comfortable and it was all laughs and fun!
    Thanks so much for taking such amazing photos!

  4. Angy Kaloutas Says:

    You look amazing in these shots. I have always wanted to do something like this when I am pregnant and now you have definitely convinced me to do it.

  5. Brenda Enns Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! Really beautiful!

  6. jocelyn Says:

    These are gorgeous!!…. both photographer and model did an amazing job..

  7. Theresa Atherton Says:

    WOW! What a great idea … these are fabulous. Kanella, how come you look even more hot than usual??!! Can’t be just the lighting, can’t be just the legs, … must be the GLOW.

    Can’t wait for the baby photos …


  8. Melanie Copeland Says:

    Kanella, these pictures are amazing! You look fantastic! Gorgeous!

  9. Tina Zegas Says:

    Amazing pictures for a beautiful momma-to-be!! Can’t wait to see more!! xo

  10. Maribel Tungol Says:

    You are such a beautiful woman. It feels like seeing a picture of an Angel in heaven.

  11. Christina Says:

    Wow Kanella, I’ve never seen maternity pictures like that before. You look wonderful, very natural!

  12. Melissa Ciraco Says:

    Hey… these turned out great!! I like the one with you leaning up against the tree, and especially the ones on the rocks with the sunrise in the background. Still can’t believe you wore stillettos…. but they totally make the pic.

    Can’t wait to see which ones you choose.

  13. Angela Livesey Says:

    WOW! Those are amazing! Great shots!

  14. Matt Kouremenos Says:

    Nice pictures sis! They look really good.

  15. Kerri Poag Says:

    Wow Kanella!!! The pictures are beautiful and you are a stunning model!

  16. Christine Says:

    Wow, those are great shots Kanella, I can”t believe you”re still wearing heels !! LOL, apparently you can do that till the 3rd ! See you soon.

  17. Elaine Says:

    I love these pics. Kanella you look so pretty! Great job!

  18. Nadia Says:


    Looks like you had a lot of fun with this photoshoot!
    Can’t wait until your little guy joins the ‘club’ wont be long now!!!

  19. achilles Says:

    είσαι πολύ σέξυ μαμά!!!
    συγχαρητήρια ΚΑΝΈΛΛΑ!!!!

  20. Elizabeth Says:

    LOVE the photos Kanella!

  21. Sibel Says:

    How in the world did you get into those shoes?!
    These memories will last forever Kel, nicely done.
    P.S. you could have asked to borrow my stick-on nails… 🙂

  22. Christina Says:

    Absolutely wonderful! Such a talented photographer…and MODEL!

  23. Jennifer Sherman Says:

    What beautiful shots Kanella! and what a great idea! I can’t wait to see the rest. 🙂

  24. Adriana Says:

    You look amazing in these shots. WOW. Absolutely gorgeous!

  25. Matt Ciraco Says:

    Just another reminder of why I married you……your so beautiful!

  26. Tyjuana Hill-Smith Says:

    Are You Kidding ME!!!! BEAUTIFUL..GREAT JOB Manuella!

  27. Jaime Says:

    Kanella, I love these photos of you. Especially the one of you in the white dress standing on top of the rock, you simply look like an Angel from the sea.

  28. Mom-in-law Carole Says:

    The pictures are indeed wonderful! Matthew’s comment is so sweet – what a great husband! Kanella – you and son look terrific and I believe the first picture that is full of fire and the sunrise and the beauty of nature is the best. I also like the picture of you standing in the water as it is sort of a commununion with your son as he is in water also. You take lovely pictures and your photographer captured the right moments. These indeed are all future memories of the journey with your first pregnancy. And Matthew son – you did a great job.

  29. Henry Johnson Says:

    Awesome pictures of a beautiful, pregnant mother in scenes of nature in all its beauty!
    Congratulations mother and photographer!

  30. Darlene Says:

    GORGEOUS!!! You always have such amazing sunrise sessions – what lovely light you capture!

  31. Andreas Kouremenos Says:


  32. Linda Gerow Says:

    An absolutely beautiful way to remember such a special event. The pictures are stunning as is the Mommy-to-be. Congratulations to all. The photographer is amazing.

  33. Mark Says:

    Beautiful pictures that will give you a lifetime of memories. Enjoy your little one.

  34. Joan Reynar Says:

    Such a special time captured in beautiful, natural scenes – just perfect! Hope you have the photographer take pictures of the baby once here – and certainly the babe will be awake in time for the beautiful lighting! LOL

  35. Stacey Lund Says:

    Awesome job! You captured some great memories for this lovely lady!

  36. Jennifer Morse Says:

    These photos literally made me gasp out loud. LOVE the first one. Awesome work.

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