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Irene – MPH Photography – Toronto

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

I have known Irene for well… almost all my life, ¬†we were both attending a greek gospel church and then my parents started attending another church closer to us so I didn’t see her for many many years. A couple of years back we were both at my dear friend’s wedding Tina and we got reacquainted.

I was happily surprised when Irene told me she wanted to do a photoshot, she had recently lost alot of weight and she wanted to show it off and this was a perfect way to do that.

We had alot of fun, and she’s so sweet, we talked and we laughed alot and had a lovely time.

I noticed her beautiful ring which happens to be from one of my favourite stores and as sweet as she is she took it off and gave it to me. That was a first for me and I was speechless which doesn’t happen often,lol. Irene, that was so sweet of you, thank you honey, I love it and have been wearing it ever since.

So here is the sweet and lovely Irene.

I’m so excited for you Irene, keep up the good work hon!!!

Natalie and her kiddos – MPH Photography – Toronto

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

I met Natalie last year and this session has pretty much been a year in the making and I couldn’t have been more excited for this session.

Natalie is not only sweet and kind but she’s absolutely beautiful and so are her children. We had a fun time at the beach and I got some cute shots of all of the kiddos despite her little guy running around and not wanting to stand still,lol, it was definitely hard keeping up with him though,lol.

Her girls, are beautiful and poised and I almost couldn’t stop myself from taking too many pics, as they were all such a joy to photograph.

Thanks again Natalie, hope you enjoy your sneak peek.

This was near the end, but it was definitely one of the cutest shots of the session.

MPH Photography 24 hrs SALE!!!

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

TOMORROW is the big day!

MPH Photography and Living Social have come up with an awesome deal and for 24 hrs you will have the opportunity to purchase this deal from the comfort of your home.

72 % off the regular price is the biggest discount MPH Photography has had to date.

If you purchase this deal within 24 hrs you will receive a FREE session within the GTA, a FREE 8×12 print and 20 web optimized images on DVD, the regular value of this package is $440, but for 24 hrs you can purchase this deal for only $125, and you can also purchase one for your mother, sister, best friend, mother in law or your boss if you want to score brownie points that is,lol. You will have ONE YEAR to book your session but you will only have 24 hrs to purchase the deal, so don’t miss out, join Living Social for free and get in on the deal. I will post the link to the special on my facebook but you can receive the offer via email if you sign up with Living social.

Sale starts Wednesday August 11 at 5:00am and ends Thursday August 12th at 5:00am.

If you have any questions, email me at for more details.

Tell your family and friends, because no one should miss out on this deal.

Check out past deals on Living social here

This is the image they will be using on the ad.

Kanella’s Sunrise Maternity session – MPH Photography – Toronto

Sunday, August 8th, 2010

I absolutely love these types of sessions, every summer I look forward to doing sunrise maternity sessions, as they are not only fun to do but the lighting and the location is awesome and then add a beautiful pregnant model and you have the making for a perfect session.

Kanella drove down from Innisfil for this session and I couldn’t have been more excited. Started off a bit cold but it warmed up right away and I must say I love Kanella, she was eager to try anything and do anything, we almost made her climb to the top of the beach house there as there was a spot at the top that would have made for amazing shots. Although she was tempted and we did try to find a way to go safely up, I just couldn’t let her go up there knowing it may not be safe. In the end I think we didn’t miss out anyways as the shots I got anyways are superb, mostly because of the beautiful prego mom and her high stiletto’s which she was rocking very nicely. She was definitely a trooper and was even early to the session which began at just about 6am.

A few sneak peeks here as I have way too many images that I like, so here are a few of my faves.

Thanks Kanella, it was a blast and I hope you enjoy your sneak peek.

Au natural and before my artistic touch

Artistic creation - Angel mamma